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How much space will Technogym Run take up in my home?

Technogym Run is 1.78 m wide, 1.97 m high and 0.83 m long (70.1 x 77.6 x 32.7 In). It easily fits in most rooms and home-gyms.

What do I need to activate my Technogym Run?

To activate the Technogym Run, you need the Technogym Account (username/password) created or used during the Technogym Run purchasing process.

How to connect your Technogym Run to internet?

To connect your Technogym Run to internet first check that the Wi-Fi modem is turned on and correctly connected to internet. Then you can connect your Technogym Run by going to the Setting section > General > Network > Settings. Now you can select your Wi-Fi name.

If you still have problems connecting your Technogym Run to internet, these simple actions can help you: turn off your modem and then turn it back on, waiting until the connection is restored. Then, make sure to connect your Technogym Run with the correct Wi-Fi network, verifying that the password entered is the right one.

How can I create an account to start using Technogym Run?

Once you have received your Technogym Run, you can log in with the same credentials of the Technogym ID you have created when you bought it. If you haven't bought it online, and therefore, you haven't created a Technogym ID yet, in this case you can create a new Technogym ID by simply turning on your equipment and following the proposed instructions on the interface.

Please remember that the first Technogym ID used on your Technogym Run will be always considered as the Administrator of your Family Account.

Can I add additional runners to my Technogym Run?

Sure. You can insert additional riders to your Technogym Run in two different ways:

  1. From the log-in page, by pressing on the "+" button;
  2. By going to Settings > Family > Manage Account > Add New.

Keep in mind that you can add a maximum of 5 additional Technogym ID.

How can I manage the members belonging to my Family Account?

Within your Family Account you can register up to 6 users (including the Admin), each of them will have the opportunity to have fun training in a personalized way.

Any profile in your Family Account can add a new member, but only the Administrator is allowed to remove it (keep in mind that the Administrator is the first Technogym ID you have logged in on your Technogym Run).

When your Technogym Run is in stand-by mode, you can add a new user by simply pressing the "+" button. Instead, from Technogym Live main interface, you can add or delete a family member by pressing Settings > Family > Manage account > Add new/remove.

How can I change the administrator account on my Technogym Run?

In order to change the administrator of your Family Account, you have to completely reset your Family Account. You can do it by pressing for about 5 seconds the volume button on the bottom right corner of your Technogym Live interface. Then you can access the hidden menu by typing in the password 2406. Then tap 'General settings' and under 'Family account' section you can find  'Reset family account''.  From now on, the first Technogym ID you will insert will be considered your new administrator profile. At the same time, remember that with this procedure also the other members of your Family Account have been permanently removed, therefore, you will have to add them again.

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If I purchased Technogym Run, can I enjoy the premium contents of the Technogym Plus subscription?

With the purchase of Technogym Run you will have free access forever to all the premium contents included in the Technogym Plus subscription.

(You will simply need to login on Technogym Run the first time. For any issue please contact, we will be happy to help you)

How can i set the security PIN code?

You can managed it tapping on Settings > General settings > Security PIN access

Can I use Bluetooth devices on Technogym Run?

Yes, Technogym Run is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0. You can connect your earphones, speakers and heart rate device.

Which heart rate monitors are compatible with Technogym Run?

You can connect all the HR monitors which use the Bluetooth connection as well as the ones using the Ant+ connection.

Can I use my Apple watch as a heart rate monitor?

Yes. You can connect your Apple Watch to your Technogym Run to monitor your heart rate during your performance by connecting it through the black panel with represented the NFC icon on it (the one with the white shape). Then, you will be guided step by step during the process.
For a more detailed overview, check here.

Can I connect my Garmin?

Yes, you can connect your Garmin from the main Technogym Live interface > Press on Bluetooth icon located at the bottom right > A new connection panel will open > Press on "Read from the sensor".
For a more detailed overview about external device connections, read here.

What kind of earphones can I connect?

Technogym Run comes with two integrated speakers.
Any earphones with a standard 3.5 mm connector can be plugged into the screen and also wireless Bluetooth earphones are compatible.
To check how to connect your wireless Bluetooth earphones to your Technogym Run, you can read this article.

Can I mirror my smartphone's content to the HD screen on my Technogym Run?

Yes, you can activate your mirroring function and project your favourite content from your mobile phone to the HD screen of your Technogym Run. Mirroring can be possible using Chromecast or other mirroring-compatible devices or with a simple HDMI cable (look here to double check).

The steps are as it follows:

  • Connect your smartphone to your Technogym Run through your Chromecast device or with the HDMI cable (for Apple devices, the HDMI cable requires an adaptor);
  • Go to "Apps" section from the main Technogym Live interface;
  • Press on "External Input" and check if your device is properly connected. If the connection has been successful now you can see the mobile's screen projected on your Technogym Run's display.
Can I create training programmes autonomously?

Yes. You have the possibility to create your own training programs in 3 different ways.

1) By going to: Custom section > Create Your Own, an area of Technogym Live where you have the possibility to define multiple profiles of workout programs;

2) By integrating your trainings with the famous online platform TrainingPeaks;

3) Being followed by your Coach, who can also assign you programs through Training Peaks.

Learn more about the integration between Technogym and TrainingPeaks by going in this article.

Can I listen to music on Technogym Run?

On the Technogym Run, you can now choose to listen to your favorite music. You'll be able to pick from a selection of the best musical HITs created by the Technogym.

Our playlists feature a selection of 4 musical genres (pop, house, rock, mix), each with 50 tracks monthly updated that you can shuffle.

You can find all the informations related to the Technogym Playlists in this article.

Having troubles seeing your heart rate on your watch or on Technogym Run?

This behavior could be caused by:

- How tightly you are wearing your watch on your wrist. Check your strap and if needed tighten it;

- Sweat might interfere with the tracking process of your heart rate device. Try to wipe some of the perspiration off. If neither of the above suggestions work, try to disconnect and reconnect your heart rate device.

To check step by step how to connect your smartwatch to Technogym Run, read here.

I forgot my password for Technogym account

If you have forgotten the password of your Technogym Account (also known as your Technogym ID) you can set a new one by clicking here.

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From the Settings panel you can open Technogym Support directly on the screen of your Technogym Run and find lots of articles and FAQs to troubleshoot.

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