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How do I connect the tablet to the Technogym Elliptical?

Simply enable the Bluetooth® connection on your tablet, place it on the display of Technogym Elliptical and launch the Technogym Live app. Select Technogym Elliptical from "Settings" - "General".  When you select a workout, connection to Technogym Elliptical will be automatic.

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I cannot connect the tablet to Technogym Elliptical

Check if the Technogym Elliptical is connected to another tablet, which is within range of the Technogym Elliptical. Remember to connect Technogym Elliptical through Technogym Live app and not from your tablet bluetooth settings.

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Which tablets are compatible with Technogym Live?

The Technogym Live app is available for Apple iPad and Android tablets. We suggest searching for the app in the store using the device to check compatibility beforehand. Compatible iOS tablets: iPads with iOS12 or higher. Compatible Android tablets: Technogym Live is compatible with tablets running Android version 6.0 or higher, with Bluetooth® 4.0 and with Google Play Store (Huawei not supported). Examples of compatible tablets: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus.

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How do I pair a heart rate device, such as a Polar heart rate monitor?

Heart rate devices can also be synchronised with the Technogym Live app by touching the heart rate icon on the homepage. Once the first pairing is complete, the connection will be automatic every time thereafter.

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I can't connect heart rate monitor to tablet

The HR band is not worn and moistened, which is why the bluetooth sensor is not activated;

The HR band is paired in the bluetooth settings of the tablet, it must be removed from there and paired only and exclusively in Technogym Live app;

The HR band is already paired with another application or device (e.g. smartwatch or smartphone app);

The HR band does not have the standard bluetooth smart connection;

The HR band battery is low.

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How does Apple Watch connect to Technogym Live App?

It is necessary to download the Technogym Live Connect app on the Apple Watch. By opening the application on Apple Watch, you are asked to give permissions for Bluetooth connection and Apple Health. On the iPad you must start the Technogym Live App and click on the Heart icon; on Apple Watch, click on "connect" in Technogym Live Connect and select the name of the iPad. Starting a workout from Technogym Live App, you will see the heart rate of the Apple Watch on the Technogym Live App display. At the end of the workout, the workout will be synchronized with Apple Health.

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Is it possible to play Spotify content at the same time as Technogym Live workouts?

You can play content from the Spotify app (installed separately) at the same time as Technogym Live content (excluding Technogym Live Sessions which include audio guidance from a trainer).

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Where can I consult my workout history?

Workouts can be viewed within the Activity environment by tapping on the icon to the right of the settings icon. In this section you will find both indoor and outdoor workouts recorded with Garmin and Strava systems, after connecting them via the Connections tab in Settings.

Can I charge my tablet from the Technogym Elliptical dashboard?

Yes, you can. The USB port, located at the back of the Technogym Elliptical dashboard, is useful for recharging your Apple or Android tablet via the device's original cable, so you can train without worrying about the remaining charge.

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Version 3.4.0

Challenge yourself with the new available Routine workouts: Lose Weight, Keep Fit, Boost Cardio and Health exercises.

Each Routine consists of a variety of movements and exercises, whose intensity is automatically set up by your equipment, so that you can just focus on your performance.

They are now available for Myrun, Technogym Cycle and Technogym Elliptical.


You don't need to select and pair your heart rate device every time you train, since from now on, Technogym Live App will automatically search and connected to your last used devices as soon as you login to your account.

Version 3.3.0

It may occur that you can't always train on the right Technogym equipment that support the connection with Technogym Live tablet app. If your subscription plan includes it, you can now keep training with the Technogym Sessions on any tread, bike or elliptical simply pressing the 'Play' icon next to the 'START' blue button. Keep in mind that you'll need to manually adjust speed, incline and resistance on the equipment when the trainers indicate to do so, as the Technogym Live app is not connected to the equipment.

Version 3.1.0
• With this version all main features have been aligned to iOS version
Version 3.1.0
• Dashboard: Distance/Time left until next step

From "CUSTOM" workouts dashboard it is now possible to understand the remaining time or distance of current "step" from a box on the top right corner of the screen.

Version 3.0.0
• Improved Step Notifications

Starting a workout on Technogym Live and then move to another app on your tablet is now easier and safer: you will receive a push notification a few seconds before the start of every new step, showing all the data you need to keep training at your best.

Version 2.9.0
• New Equipment compatibility: Technogym Elliptical

• Repeat previously completed workout for Routines and Custom exercises: accessible from My Activities

• Improved font accessibility: fixed visualization even for larger text

• Improved connection stability: fixed rare cases of disconnection between iPad and MyRun and Apple Watch

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