Technogym Bench
Frequently asked questions
What are Technogym Bench dimensions?

Technogym Bench is 1129 mm (44.5 in) long, 376 mm (14.8 in) wide and  455 mm (17.9 in) high.

How much does Technogym Bench weigh?

Technogym Bench weighs 35.2 kg (77.6 lbs) when empty and 98.8 kg (217.2 lbs) with all accessories included.

What accessories do I find in Technogym Bench?

Included with Technogym Bench you will find 5 pairs of dumbbells, 3 pairs of elastic bands, 3 pairs of weighted knuckles and 1 mat.

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Can I relocate Technogym Bench?

Yes. Move and store Technogym Bench according to your space thanks to its integrated wheels.

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Where can I find the over 200 exercises for Technogym Bench?

Discover all the Technogym Bench workouts by downloading Technogym App and start your training journey!

Can I customize the set of Dumbbells?

The Technogym Bench has been specifically designed to accommodate all the included tools, with which we are confident you will be able to perform all the needed exercises and progressions. However you can add an additional tool in the free space on the left by choosing from Technogym tools.

How do I attach the elastic bands on the Technogym Bench?

The Technogym Bench has 4 loops in the bottom corners of the bench. You can attach any of the elastic bends by passing the elastic's tape through one of the loops, and then securing the elastic by passing the elastic's handle through the tape and pulling. Watch this video to understand how to do it.

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Technogym Bench
The sleek and versatile Technogym Bench with dedicated storage holds all the tools you need for a complete workout.
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