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How much space will Skillrow take up in my home?

Skillrow is 629 mm wide and 2435 mm long. When necessary, you can also disassemble the Skillrow in two parts, in order to easily move and safely store it.

How can I switch Skillrow on?

Skillrow is a self-powered equipment, that means it's your stroke movement to power the Skillrow console.When Skillrow is not being used for some minutes, it will switch off its console screen. To turn back on your Skillrow, you just need to grab the handlebar and start rowing. After a couple of strokes the console will turn back on.

How can I connect my Skillrow to Skillrow App?

First of all, in order to use the app, you must connect the Skillrow App to your Technogym Skillrow.

Just place your phone in the integrated phone holder, enable bluetooth in your device and open the Skillrow app.
Then tap on the Workout section and choose from a set of different types of workouts, such as interval training and Technogym Neuromuscular Training programs, to stimulate your neuromuscular and metabolic performances through cadence and intensity variations, or just set your own goal in terms of time, distance, calories and repetitions.

Once you’ve chosen your workout, you can press start and through the bluetooth your Skillrow App will easily connect to your Skillrow.

Can I connect my heart rate device to Skillrow?

Yes, you can connect your heart rate monitor directly to your Skillrow.

Tap the heart shaped symbol on the bottom right corner of your Skillrow console. Set your HR device in paring mode and move it close to the Skillrow console.The heart icon on the display will flash during the pairing operation; once the pairing is successful, the icon remains on and the instantaneous heart rate is displayed.

What's Aquafeel Technology?

Aquafeel Technology  is what makes Technogym Skillrow the first rower to create a realistic simulation of the rowing experience in the water, though a smooth and fluid stroke profile during the entire movement.
This enables you to avoid kickbacks on the lower back and injuries, making you able to train safely throughout your whole workout.

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What's Multidrive Technology?

Through the Multidrive Technogym Technology, Skillrow enables you to train both cardio and power.The magnetic brake, introduced in support of primary resistance, allows you to choose the amount of resistance you prefer and to develop power, strength and endurance within the same movement.
The resistance turn dial, placed under the handlebar, at seat level, offers 10 resistance levels, which enables you to choose between two workout modes: rowing mode and power mode.

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Where can I find the data about my workout?

With the console, you can easily monitor your performance during your workout, getting real-time feedback on your metrics.
Once you have finished your training session, you can also see your results in the detailed post-training summary, and check it later as well in the Results section of Skillrow App, where you can monitor your progress over time, explore your achievements in detail and analyze your trends.All the results you achieve with Skillrow will also be stored in the "Activity" section of Technogym App

Is it possible to challenge my friends?

In the Home area of the Skillrow App, you can join challenges, both periodical and classic, and test your abilities. Choose the distance and try to beat your friends’ record in the classical challenges, or participate in the periodical challenge with users from all over the world.
You can also check your previously completed challenges and see your position in the ranking to monitor your progress over time.

Is there training contents for Skillrow?

In the “Workouts” area of the Skillrow App you can find a set of different training content, from interval training workouts, to Technogym Neuromuscular Training programs, or, if you prefer, you can set your own goal and just start rowing.
You can freely train at the pace and resistance you prefer for the time and distance you wish, or set a goal, find a list of calorie burner workouts, or create your personalized workout.

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Are there training programs for Skillrow?

Discover the video workouts!

Improve your technique and performance following the advice of the world champions and train with combination of exercises specifically designed to improve your performance and allow you to achieve flexibility, stability, power, stamina, speed and muscle tone.
You can find the video workouts in the tab "Video" of your Skillrow App.

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