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How to connect your Skillbike to internet?

To connect your Skillbike to internet or change the network you need to access the Wi-fi menu. You can do it by pressing for 2/3 seconds on the time label on the top of screen until a new page appears. You'll be asked to enter a password, type '2406' and to enter the menu. From here press on the voice 'Network' and manage the connection to internet from the Wi-fi menu.

Press the back icon to exit the menu and go back to Skillbike home page.

How can I create an account to start using Skillbike?

You can use the same Technogym ID you have created during the purchase.

Then, to start using Skillbike you just need to follow these easy steps:

- Download Technogym App

- Log in to Technogym App with your Technogym ID, or create a new one directly using the app

- Tap the equipment login button of your Technogym App

- Click on the login icon located on the top right corner of your Skillbike screen

- Get your smartphone closer to your Skillbike to log in using the Bluetooth or scan the QR code

And now you are ready to start!

How much space will Skillbike take up in my home?

Skillbike is only 63.8 cm (25 inch) wide and 154.5 cm (61 inch) long. It easily fits in most rooms and home-gyms.

Can I use Bluetooth devices on Skillbike?

Yes, you can connect your Bluetooth device. Press on the Band Connection icon and then check on your device the identification name of your Skillbike.  

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Can I use my heart rate monitor?

Yes, with Skillbike you can connect your Heart Rate monitor.

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Which heart rate monitors are compatible with Skillbike?

You can connect all the HR monitors which use the Bluetooth connection as well as the ones using the Ant+ connection.

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Can I use my Apple watch as a heart rate monitor?

No, at the moment you can not use your Apple watch as a heart rate monitor connected to Skillbike.

Can I connect my Garmin?

Yes, you can connect your Garmin device by pressing on the Band Connection Icon located on the top right corner, and then through the specific Ant + Connection  section.

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What is the purpose of the Technogym FTP test?

The purpose of the Technogym FTP test is to calculate your FTP threshold.Knowing your FTP is extremely fundamental, as it can accurately assess your current level of athlete. The core of the test is structured in a 20 min time trial. You will be asked to maintain a pace of about 75% of your power for the first 16 minutes, and then give it your all for the last 4 minutes. Before doing your test, it is advisable to warm up for at least 10 minutes, while at the same time, at the end of your test, we suggest you to do a 10 minutes cooldown. This will maximize your overall performance and will let you pass the test without any kind of injury. Please keep in mind that the original FTP protocol developed by Allen & Coggan would require one hour and a half to perform the entire procedure, with all the warmup and cooldown. Considering that the test should be taken within a class context we decided to reduce the timing of the warmup and cooldown to stay within a 45-minute threshold.

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What is the Technogym Maximal test and what is its purpose?

The goal of the Technogym Maximal test is to calculate the values corresponding to the anaerobic threshold (watts and heart rate). The test is an incremental type and it ends when the subject has reached maximum effort and therefore cannot proceed further with the test. It should be noted that, by its very nature as a maximal fatigue test, you must have prior approval from your doctor.

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What does training at constant pulse rate mean?

The constant pulse rate training method is focused on BPM (heart beats per minute).
You pick your goal among time, distance and calories and then, you can select the heartbeat intensity that will be your target during the whole workout.

Heart rate trainings help you to optimize your effort and improve your cycling performances.

(For this training method it's mandatory to use an heart rate monitor)

Can I create training programmes autonomously?

Yes. You have the possibility to create your own training programs by going to the Exercises section > Specifics > Create Your Own. In this area you have the possibility to define multiple profiles of workout programs.

Where can I find my tests results?  

You can find all your test results in the Wellness Passport of your Technogym App following these easy steps:

- Access to Technogym App
- Head to the "Activity" section. You can find it from the bottom panel
- Inside Activity, scroll down until you reach the last voice, the one dedicated to the Wellness Passport
- Enter by pressing on the "see more" item.

In this section you can keep track of all your physical and performance measurements.

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I forgot my password for Technogym account

If you have forgotten the password of your Technogym Account (also known as your Technogym ID) you can set a new one by clicking here.

How can I calibrate the belt?

You can calibrate the belt of your Skillbike by going to the Exercises section > Belt Calibration.
Start the calibration and pedal for 10 seconds to a cadence of at least 100 RPM.

It's suggested to calibrate the belt of Skillbike every 6 months and, in order to have a more precise calibration, it's raccomended to do the calibration at the end of your workout.

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