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How much space will Personal Line equipment take up in my home?

Here's the specifics for Personal Line cardio equipment:

Run: 2010 mm (79 In) long, 800 mm (31 In) wide, 1470 mm (58 In) high;
Bike: 1170 mm (46 In) long, 564 mm (22 In) wide, 1400 mm (55 In) high;
Recline: 1390 mm (55 In) long, 640 mm (25 In) wide, 1389 mm (54 In) high;
Cross: 1940 mm (76 In) long, 690 mm (28 In) wide, 1760 mm (69 In) high.

How can I create an account to start using my equipment?

Once you have received your equipment, you can log in with the same credentials of the Technogym ID you have created when you bought it.

If you haven't bought it online, and therefore, you haven't created a Technogym ID yet, in this case you can create a new Technogym ID by simply turning on your equipment and following the proposed instructions on the interface.

Please remember that the first Technogym ID used on your equipment will be always considered as the Administrator of your Family Account.

How to connect my equipment to internet?

To connect your equipment to internet first check that the Wi-Fi modem is turned on and correctly connected to internet. Then you can connect your equipment by entering in the "Setting" section > "General" > "Network" > "Settings". Now you can select your Wi-Fi name.

If you still have problems connecting your equipment to internet, these simple actions can help you: turn the modem off and on again and make sure that internet is working (you can double check it by connecting a smartphone / tablet / pc to the modem and browsing the web pages). Then, check that you have connected your equipment to the correct Wi-Fi network, and make sure the modem password you entered on your equipment is also correct.

How can I verify if my subscription is active?

You can check your subscriptions in your Private Area directly on the equipment in Settings > Family > My Subscription.

I already have a Technogym account and an active subscription but I cannot see the premium contents on my equipment

Make sure that you have logged in into your equipment with the same Technogym ID in which your subscription is active (in case you have any doubts about on which account your subscription is active, you can double check on which email address we sent you the confirmation of the subscription payment).

If you still have issues, please contact us at

Can I use Bluetooth devices on my equipment?

Yes, Personal Line equipment has integrate a Bluetooth 4.0. You can connect your headphones, speakers and heart rate devices.

Can I use my heart rate monitor?

Yes. When you connect your heart rate monitor, your heart rate will be displayed in real time on the equipment screen. Personal Line equipment are able to connect to your devices using the Bluetooth or the Ant+ technology.

Does Personal Line equipment have speakers? Can I use headphones?

Personal Line equipment comes with two integrated speakers. Any headphones with a standard 3.5 mm connector can be plugged into the screen and wireless Bluetooth headphones are compatible.

Can I mirror my smartphone's content to the HD screen on my Personal Line equipment?

You can activate your mirroring function and project your favorite content from your mobile phone to the HD screen of your equipment. Mirroring can be possible if you are using Chromecast or other mirroring-compatible devices (look here to double check).

The steps are as follows:

connect your Chromecast device to your equipment > go to 'Apps' section of your Technogym Live interface, select  "External Input" and check if your device is correctly connected. Download the Google Home App (available for both Android and iOS systems) and follow the guided instructions.

If the external device you want to connect is equipped with HDMI port you can connect it directly to your equipment using an HDMI cable.

How can I change the administrator account on my equipment?

In order to change the administrator of your Family Account, you have to completely reset your Family Account.

You can do it by pressing Settings > Family > tap the power button located beside the label "New family account set up". From now on, the first Technogym ID you will insert will be considered your new administrator profile.

At the same time, remember that with this procedure also the other members of your Family Account have been permanently removed from the equipment, therefore, you will have to add them again.

I forgot my password for Technogym account

If you have forgotten the password of your Technogym Account (also known as your Technogym ID) you can set a new one by clicking here.

Where can I review my workout details?

Technogym Live interface has a section dedicated to all your workout data, you can access it tapping on your profile picture on the top right corner and then selecting " My Activities" from the drawer appeared.

Moreover, you can find your workout results in the Technogym App, in the result section.

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Can I listen to music on my equipment?

On your equipment you can now choose to listen to your favorite music. You'll be able to pick from a selection of the best musical HITs created by the Technogym team in collaboration with Epidemic Sound.

Our playlists feature a selection of 4 musical genres (pop, house, rock, mix), each with 30 tracks that you can shuffle (with a maximum of 6 songs skipped).

Can I add additional users to my equipment?

Yes, in the log-in page just click on “+” to add up to 5 additional Technogym ID.

How can I manage my family accounts?

Within your Family Account you can register up to 6 users, each of them will have the opportunity to have fun training in a personalized way. Any profile of your Family Account can add a new member, but only the administrator can remove it (remember that the administrator is the first Technogym ID you have logged in on your equipment).

When your equipment is on a stand-by mode you can add a new user by simple pressing the + button. Instead, from the main Technogym Live interface, you can add o delete a family member by pressing Settings > Family > Manage account > Add new/remove.

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Three decades of biomechanical experience and feedback have come together with the design skills of iconic Italian designer, Antonio Citterio, to create Technogym Personal Line.
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