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What is TNT?

TNT is the Technogym work out method developed by the best physiologists and trainers in the world, based on the most effective training methods for cyclists. Based on a test that identifies the anaerobic threshold, a training plan is developed, subdivided into three phases: basic, development and refining, in which the pedalling pace and power variations are designed to guarantee the improvement of all the qualities needed to improve your performance on the road.

How long does TNT last?

TNT lasts a total of 18 weeks and is comprised of three phases, each lasting six weeks: Preparation, Development and Transition.

What is the objective of TNT?

TNT is an indoor programme with the goal of improving the metabolic and neuromuscular characteristics of cyclists in order to make them go faster on the road. It is ideal for those who want to maximise training sessions when they are short on time.

Do you have to do the entire TNT to obtain results?

TNT is ideal for those who have just finished a period of down time, like the winter break, and who want to get back into shape. Users should follow all three TNT phases with the three training sessions weekly and at least one outdoor session on the weekend which will help you prepare for the next season. Anyone who is already further along in their training or in the season can begin from a subsequent phase, thereby creating a 6 or 12 week programme.

Is the choice of which gear to use for the TNT sessions important?

No. You will train with constant power workouts, so the watts will be kept constant regardless of the gear used.
Nevertheless, the MYCYCLING flywheel turns at a different speed depending on the gear used. This produces slightly different sensations that may come closer to pedalling on a flat surface (if you use a hard gear) or uphill (if you use a light gear) depending on the selected gear.

How long does the Preparation phase last?

It is comprised of three training sessions per week for six weeks. The purpose of the work is to build the basic organic and neuromuscular qualities to improve endurance and specific pedalling power. The metabolic intensity is maintained well below the anaerobic threshold value for most of the time.

How long does the Development phase last?

It is comprised of three training sessions per week for six weeks. The purpose of the work is to increase specific strength and aerobic power with an increase of high intensity repetitions and changes of pace in order to improve fibre recruitment capacity.

How long does the Refining phase last?

It is comprised of three training sessions per week for six weeks. The purpose of the work is to refine high intensity pedalling. The sessions include a greater number of high intensity metabolic and neuromuscular exercises.

What happens if I skip a TNT session?

If you 'skip' a TNT session because you did not have the time, you can resume from the session you missed as soon as you can. If, on the other hand, you substituted it with training on the road, you can move on to the next session.

Can I create training programmes autonomously?

You cannot create a training plan to record in the app autonomously. However, you can be followed by a professional trainer from the Technogym network who can design a made-to-measure programme for your goals. Once created, the programme will be assigned to you by your trainer and you can download it in the App.

Is there a test in the MYCYCLING App to assess the VO2 max?

Yes. Although there is no test called 'VO2 Max test', this value is calculated by taking the Technogym Maximal Test. This test is taken primarily to calculate the power and heart rate at the Anaerobic Threshold however, since it is a fatigue test that ends only when the cyclist has reached his or her actual point of maximum effort, the results of the test also include the Maximal Oxygen Consumption or VO2 max estimated value.

What is the purpose of the Technogym FTP test?

The FTP test (Functional Threshold Power Test) is a test that has the goal of calculating the Threshold Power. Identification of the anaerobic threshold value allows the TNT work loads to be generated, based on this value. Taking this test does not require the heart rate to be measured. It lasts 20 minutes like the test that is widely used by cyclists and offered by Allen & Coggan.

Why does the Technogym FTP Test include two phases, one sub-maximal and one maximal?

The Technogym FTP test is a 'simplification' starting from the original test offered by Allen & Coggan that includes 20 minutes at maximum intensity. The Technogym FTP test was developed by Technogym in collaboration with the IUSM of Rome (Sport Sciences University) and it is comprised of a sub-maximal phase that lasts 16 minutes and a maximal phase that lasts 4 minutes during which you must give 100%. The test shows an excellent correlation with the result of the 20-minutes test and has been 'simplified' so that it can be taken often, with the goal of constantly monitoring your improvements or drops in fitness.

Why does the Technogym FTP test not require the use of the heart rate?

Identification of the anaerobic threshold is calculated based on an equation that analyses the mechanical power (in watts) expressed in the two phases of the test. The threshold power is not the average of the two phases (the 16-minute and the 4-minute phase), but it is produced by an equation Technogym has developed in collaboration with the IUSM (Sports Sciences University) of Rome.

What is the Technogym Maximal test and what is its purpose?

The goal of the Technogym Maximal test is to calculate the values corresponding to the anaerobic threshold (watts and heart rate). The test is an incremental type and it ends when the subject has reached maximum effort and therefore cannot proceed further with the test. It should be noted that, by its very nature as a maximal fatigue test, you must have prior approval from your doctor.

How does the load increase take place during the Technogym Maximal Test?

During the warm-up phase, based on the cardiac response at the initial load, the program establishes what the watt increment will be for the subsequent steps. The higher the heart rate during the warm-up phase, the lower the increment in watts will be between one step and the next. Each step lasts one minute. The test ends when the subject presses the test end button.

Is it indifferent whether you take the Technogym Maximal Test or the Technogym FTP test?

In theory, yes. However, since they are two different methods, the results may contain differences.

I took the Technogym Maximal Test and the load assigned during the TNT sessions is too high or too low. What can I do?

In some subjects and in some situations, it can happen that the anaerobic threshold value is not calculated accurately. In fact, the test is based on a mathematical processing of the threshold point that can be influenced by subjective factors such as a heart rate that is too high due to fatigue problems or by external factors such as the temperature being too high and a lack of ventilation. There are three ways to change the threshold value: retake the assessment test, change the reference threshold value in the app manually entering the value. Use the + and - keys while doing the TNT sessions. Remember that these keys change the current work step load and not the load for the entire programme.

I took the Technogym FTP Test and the load assigned in the TNT sessions is too high or too low. What can I do?

The Technogym FTP test, conducted in two steps - one 16-minute sub-maximal step and one 4-minute maximal step - could overestimate very strong subjects that do not have much stamina and underestimate subjects with good stamina but who are not very strong in the short term (lactacid tolerance). There are three ways to change the threshold value: retake the assessment test, change the reference threshold value in the app manually entering the value. Use the + and - keys while doing the TNT sessions. Remember that these keys change the current work step load and not the load for the entire programme that includes 20 minutes at maximum intensity. The Technogym FTP test was developed by Technogym in collaboration with the IUSM of Rome (Sport Sciences University).

Can I read the speed that I am maintaining with my Garmin?

Yes. To read the correct speed, you must set the wheel circumference to 2233mm. Remember that the speed reading on your Garmin is correct only if you use the 'SLOPE' function. If you use the 'CONSTANT POWER' function, the speed data will be correct only in the MYCYCLING App and not on your Garmin.

I have a 10-speed bike. Is it compatible with MYCYCLING?

The pinion pack that comes with MYCYCLING is an 11-speed MICHE (12-24), also compatible with bikes that have a 10-speed pinion and that use the main groupsets available on the market (Shimano, Campagnolo, SRAM). In this case, the rear derailleur may be a bit noisier and less precise.

Is it possible to remove the pinion pack that comes with it to mount my own?

Of course you can, as long as the new pinion pack is compatible with the spool (freewheel). Otherwise, it must also be replaced.

Is the pinion pack fully compatible with Campagnolo?

Yes, the pinion pack is compatible with Campagnolo/SRAM/Shimano, both 10V and 11V. The rear derailleur may need to be adjusted, but the system works.

Do I need to mount a pedal counter on the bike?

MYCYCLING is fitted with a sensor to count the pedal strokes. Simply switch on your smartphone, start the MYCYCLING app and begin training, without having to connect any cables.

Can I download MyCycling App on a pc or tablet?

You can download MyCycling on your tablet but the App graphics were optimised for smartphone (both Android and IOS). Therefore, although it can be run on a tablet, it is preferable to view the display on a smartphone.
The app is not available for pc.

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How important is it to have high oxygen consumption (VO2 max?)

The VO2 max value represents a measurement of the size of the aerobic engine, how much oxygen the cardiopulmonary system (heart and lungs) can supply to the muscles, but also how much oxygen can be used by the muscles. In fact, there are a few people who have a very strong heart and lungs but their muscles are not efficient enough in using the oxygen that is supplied. A normal, sedentary person generally has a VO2 value between 25 and 28. Having a VO2 value of 25 means that you can simply live a normal life, walk up stairs, carry grocery bags and not be short of breath in conducting normal, everyday activities. Cyclists, on the other hand, have very high VO2 values (from 45 to 85 ml/O2/kg) that can be assessed with special tests.Having a high VO2 value is important, but this parameter alone is not always able to provide a complete overview of the cyclist's capacities. For example, if some Juniors are selected, you always begin by measuring their VO2. At 15 or 16 years of age, the VO2 is a strong performance predictor. On the other hand, at the professional racer level, this correlation does not exist. In fact, it is clear that at a high level, the VO2 value cannot help but be high, from 70 to 85ml/O2. However, those who have a VO2 value of 85 are not necessarily stronger than those who have a value of 72. An athlete can have a very high VO2 max value, but perhaps be able to sustain only 85% of that value for an extended period, whereas someone who has a lower VO2 can sustain 92% of that value. The difference lies within the muscles, the ability to maintain a steady metabolic state at high percentages of the VO2 itself, thanks to a high capacity to recycle the acid (H+ ions) produced with anaerobic glycolysis.

What is the anaerobic threshold?

The anaerobic threshold value, generally expressed in Watts, Heart Rate or Blood Lactate, represents an estimate of the maximum intensity at which a prolonged exercise can be sustained. Once the anaerobic threshold is exceeded, the anaerobic mechanism begins to be used significantly, with the production of carbon dioxide (CO2), ventilation (number of breaths taken per minute) and the blood lactate levels that increase rapidly.In cyclists, measuring the anaerobic threshold is preferable to reading the VO2 max value.What you should be able to improve with training is not only the VO2 max value, which tends to plateau more quickly, but above all, the capacity to work for a long time at intensities that are closer and closer to the VO2 max value itself. In very fit cyclists, the Anaerobic Threshold correlates better than the VO2 value with performance.In less fit subjects, the Anaerobic Threshold falls approximately between 45 and 60% of the VO2 max value. On the other hand, in very fit cyclists, this value can reach 85-90% of the maximal oxygen consumption.

What is the ideal pace?

This is a typical question, but there is no perfect pace for all situations.You should remember that the power needed to move the bike or the power that you express on Technogym MYCYCLING is determined by the product of the force applied to the pedal (torque) and the pedalling frequency (RPM). The same power can therefore be achieved at 60, 80 or 100 RPM, changing the torque applied to the pedals. On the road, the torque can be changed by acting on the rear derailleur or pedalling uphill. On MYCYCLING, on the other hand, the torque is managed by the device's electromagnetic resistance system.At the same power, a low pace requires more torque (greater force expressed through the use of white fibres), whereas a high pace requires lower torque (less force and involvement of the aerobic fibres in slow contraction).In short, we could say that pedalling at low paces tends to ‘stress’ the muscle structure, whereas pedalling at high paces tends to ‘stress’ the cardiovascular system.Instead of providing an answer on the absolute best pace, we can say for certain that, in a training programme, you must train using the entire range of pace in order to be able to train both the muscular and the cardiovascular component.est

What does training at Constant Power mean?

This training method is the one used in the TNT programmes, during which you must simply follow the SPM (pace) suggested on the display. The 'resistance' of MYCYCLING is automatically changed by the equipment depending on the programme training profile. Training at Constant Power, the gear used does not have any impact on the power expressed.

What does training at Constant Slope mean?

If you choose to train at Constant Slope, you can change the inclination of the road as you please at any time. The resistance that you will need to overcome will therefore depend on the slope percentage that you selected and by the gear you use, just as it occurs on the road.

Why is the Watt value never fixed on the first screen of the app?

MYCYCLING has a very precise reader for the expressed power. On the first screen, the power value is displayed directly without any filtering. It is normal that there are power variations during the pedalling cycle. This is why the data changes constantly. On the second screen, on the other hand, the set power data is displayed and this remains steadily visible.

What are the power zones?

Once you have taken the test to identify the anaerobic threshold value (or after having entered the value manually), you can identify the training zones relative to this power. Specifically, the zones correspond to: Zone 1 (less than 55%); Zone 2 (between 56 and 75%); Zone 3 (between 76 and 90%); Zone 4 (between 91 and 105%); Zone 5 (greater than 105%).

Can I use MYCYCLING with a Mountain Bike?

Of course, if the pinion pack has 11 speeds, or purchasing a new pinion pack and mounting it on MYCYCLING


The product is very quiet, both compared to rollers (because there is no noise of the tyre rubbing) and compared to systems that use air resistance, since there is no noise of the fan that drives the brake. There is a magnetic brake on MYCYCLING, therefore there are no contact points with the flywheel. With MYCYCLING, the noise is generated more by the chain that runs on the pinion pack than by the product in and of itself.

Does the toothed belt require maintenance?

The toothed belt does not require any maintenance.

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