How to use Zwift on Technogym Run
Discover how with Technogym Run you can train on Zwift together with the energy of your Community.

Whatever is your motivation, you will find a big Community of athletes from all over the world: all zwifters like you

To start your new adventure with Zwift, download the Zwift software or app on the device you would like to connect (tablet, smartphone, computer); create an account and then to connect your device to Technogym Run you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into Technogym Live;
  2. On the main screen identify "Apps" at the top right of the interface;
  3. Next, among the several options, you can find "Zwift";
  4. Press on it to access a new screen where you will be asked to connect your external device.
    Then, your connection will proceed with two more additional steps, illustrated as it follows.

Step 1: mirroring connection

In the first phase you can directly project the Zwift screen from your device to the HD screen of your Technogym Run through:

-an HDMI cable connected to the back of the HD display of your Technogym Run;

(Furthermore, specifically for Apple devices, it is also required an lightning digital AV adapter, beside the HDMI cable).

-or, by connecting your Chromecast device to the back of the display, functioning through Google Home App (available for both Android and iOS systems) and configurable by the guided instructions. 

Step 2: Device Connection via Bluetooth or Ant+

In the second step, access the connections panel by pressing on the Bluetooth symbol icon located on the bottom right.
Then, select the "Control from apps or devices" so that your Technogym Run not only has the mirroring function, but is also controlled automatically by your Zwift app.
In this way the interaction will be total and you can keep your "Running power" and "Speed and Cadence" parameters monitored at any time.

You can connect your device both via Bluetooth or via Ant+. In fact, within the new panel you can see:

  • The upper part referring to the Bluetooth connection of your device:
    You will notice a flashing bar indicating that your Technogym Run is currently visible and it is free, waiting for a device in the vicinity with the active Bluetooth function to connect to.
    However, you will see that under "Bluetooth" item there will be a temporary "App/Devices not connected".

    Once you have activated the Bluetooth on the device you want to connect, go to your App and press on the specific Bluetooth icon.

    Next, identify and press on your display of your device the identification name of your Technogym Run, the same you can see on the panel, located directly under the item "Bluetooth".

    Then, you can be sure that your device is connected, when the specific Bluetooth panel will turn into blue, and you will be able to read "App/Devices connected".
    In addition, a blue confirmation check mark will also appear next to the name identifying your Technogym Run.
    After following these steps, your workout on Technogym Run will be exclusively played by your Zwift app. 
  • The bottom part referring to your device connection via Ant+:
    This time, the specific part of the panel labeled "Ant+" is not immediately illuminated, as it will only light up when your Technogym Run is actually connected to your device.

    Next, in order to connect your device, select the ID with the identification number of your Technogym Run on the display of your device (the same ID that you can see within the specific section dedicated to Ant+).

    Finally, only when the connection is established, the Ant+ panel will turn into blue and you will be able to read "App/Devices connected".
    In this way, you will be notified that your Technogym Run is ready to start the workout set on your device. 

Please take note that you can only connect your device if you are not executing any other workout on your Technogym Run, otherwise a small disclaimer will appear inviting you to stop your workout in order to proceed with the connection.

And once your workout is over?

You don’t have to worry at all, because thanks to the perfect synchronization of Zwift with your Technogym Run, all your performance data will be automatically saved on your Zwift account.

So that, your only concern will be to choose which is the next challenge to join.
Are you ready to compete with thousands of other runners around the world?
Zwift is the perfect synthesis between a video game and a training platform for cyclists and runners, perfect to increase your performance at a professional level but also for those who just want to keep fit, having fun and exploring new virtual worlds, each time. 

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