Your favourite apps on Technogym Live
With Technogym Live your training is a world full of entertainment: watch your favourite series, go to your Youtube playlist or browse the most popular websites.

With the “App” section of your Technogym Live Interface, you can have it all and much more!

A wide variety of Apps are waiting for you, one for your every need:

  • Social Media Apps to check your best friends' posts out;
  • Streaming Apps to not miss out a season of your favourite TV shows;
  • Music Apps and you'll never training again without a strong motivation;
  • News Apps and you'll always be updated with the latest news from around the world;
  • Sport Apps to stay updates on your favourite sports.

All of this and much more, while keeping track of your progress and without ever interrupting your workout.

Available apps on the App Store

Through the App Store available on your Technogym Live interface you can chose your favourite apps and enjoy their contents while training with your Technogym equipment.

Apps available on all the equipment

  • ORF
  • Disney +
  • Amazon Prime
  • MYCanal
  • Wavve
  • ARD Mediathek
  • Teleboy TV
  • Blue TV (Swisscom)
  • Youtube Music
  • TikTok
  • RedBull TV
  • Youtube
  • WebGate
  • Pandora
  • Radio
  • TuneInRadio
  • Sudoku
  • Bloomberg
  • Ted
  • BBC News
  • Flipboard
  • CNN
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Gmail
  • Google Maps
  • Tripadvisor
  • Weather

Only for all treadmills, Technogym Bike and Technogym Ride

  • IronMan
  • Training Peaks
  • Strava

Only for Technogym Bike and Technogym Ride

  • GCN
  • Koomot

Only for Technogym Ride
  • Bkool
  • Zwift Views
  • Kinomap

As apps evolve and are updated over time, they can often become incompatible with the technology on older devices.

Unfortunately, this also affects our older equipment running on Technogym Unity. Some apps, like Netflix, became incompatible with older versions of Unity and have been removed from equipment using those versions.

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