What is Technogym App?
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Get superior results faster: at home, at the gym, bodyweight or with equipment, with a personalised plan that adapts to your progress and training on demand.

Technogym App is everything you need when it comes to reaching all your fitness goals, improving your sport performances and maintaining good health (download here Technogym App).

With Technogym App you will have the Technogym Coach always with you, your digital personal trainer that motivates you to achieve your maximum potential supporting you on your training journey.

In fact, thanks to its A.I. technology, the Coach will create for you a tailored training program, the Precision Program, with which you can both practice your bodyweight training but also working out adding your equipment at your disposal. 

Furthermore, Technogym App includes an extensive collection of several workout experiences:

  • Routines: demonstration videos designed to help you in reaching your specific goals;
  • Sessions: train with the energy of the best trainers interacting directly with you;
  • Classes: train with the best spinning bikers for an immersive training experience.

All available to you at any time of your day (find more information here!).

Moreover, if you are a great fan of a particular sport, Technogym App lets you enhance your workouts with the Signature Programs: training programs accurately designed by professional coaches to meet your most sporty and demanding training needs. 

But it is not over yet: Technogym App also allows you to track all your activities, both indoor and outdoor, as well as monitoring your progress: in fact, Technogym's specific and scientific metrics - MOVEs and Movergy - will motivate you day after day, workout after workout to have a healthy lifestyle. 

What about rest days? 

Last but not least, the Wellness Magazine section of Technogym App is a real and complete library, full of articles covering topics related to training, health, nutrition, lifestyle and fitness overall.

In addition, to guarantee you an increasingly dynamic training experience in line with your unique needs, you can also activate Technogym Plus subscription which will allow you to access new premium content every week. 

Are you ready to start your training experience? All this and much more to discover, all within your Technogym App.

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