TrainingPeaks on Technogym Live
Discover how to execute your TrainingPeaks workouts directly on your equipment.

TrainingPeaks is the platform through which every athlete can get perfectly ready for the raceday, both independently but also followed and monitored by a professional trainer.

With Technogym App you'll have the possibility to integrate your scheduled workouts* of your TrainingPeaks account, and to execute them directly on your Technogym treadmills on the assigned day, perfectly in line with your training schedule.

Here's how to sync your TrainingPeaks account to your Technogym ID:

  1. Log in to Technogym App;
  2. From the home page, head to the section reserved for your Personal Area:
    press on the button on the top right corner with your photo (or your initials, if you haven't uploaded any images);
  3. Then, within your Personal Area, go to Settings > Connect App.
  4. In the list, identify TrainingPeaks and press directly on "connect" (or you can also press on the button with a small information icon to get a brief description about the functions you will enable and then press "connect").

After that, a specific TrainingPeaks visualization will open in which will have to create a new account or to log in with your credentials. In this way you can activate the two main features of:

  • Playing the workout that you have planned for a specific day (from your TrainingPeaks account to your Technogym treadmill);
  • Exporting your completed workouts, saving them to the TrainingPeaks platform.

On the day that a running session is scheduled in your TrainingPeaks training program, you will see the TrainingPeaks blue icon within your profile panel located at the top right corner, on the main Technogym Live interface of your treadmill.

Press on the green button "START" to begin your workout: you will access to a screen with a view of your training profile and all your performance data expressed in real time.

Finally, once your workout is over, your performance data will be automatically saved and exported to your TrainingPeaks profile, so that you'll always have everything under control. 

* Please note that workouts based on RPE (Rating of Perceived Exertion) and %FTP (Functional Threshold Power) are not compatible with MyRun yet.

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