Training Modes with Technogym Run
Discover all the training possibilities of Technogym Run and improve your performance with Multidrive Technology.

Technogym Run is the first treadmill specifically designed to maximize your fitness and performance results through the convergence of both cardio, power and strength workout with just one tap on the screen.

With Technogym Run, in fact, you are able to elevate your running technique and endure powerful sled pushes.

Training Modes & Multidrive Technology

Technogym Run is equipped with two fast-track joysticks. The left one is specific for slope control, which goes up to 15%, while the right one adjusts the speed, from a minimum of 0.2 km/h (0.1 kph) to a maximum 25 km/h (15.5 kph).

You can select the speed and slope you prefer or, when performing some specific workouts, the joysticks will automatically adjust to your selected level or other indicated parameters. They are also equipped with lights, to further improve your training experience.

You can choose between two different training modes, such as:

  • Running Training, which makes you able to enhance your cardio and power capacity, making you able to run at a speed which goes from a minimum of 0.2 km/h to a maximum 25 km/h. To start running, you can just tap on the “Start” button for a free workout or choose one of the different training experiences & contents which come with Technogym Run, such as Outdoor landscapes, Routines, Sessions and much more.

  • Sled Training, which recreates the experience of pushing a sled on grass, improving your sprinting capacity and acceleration. With Sled Mode, the treadmill belt will be activated by your movement, applying a variable resistance which can go up to 55 kg. When you start pushing, the belt will oppose the resistance you’ve chosen. During the sled workouts, grab the handlebar antlers (front push bars) or the gripped handlebar (front straight bar) based on your comfort, while maintaining the back straight.

You can experience these training modes through Technogym Run’s training content. Choosing among Routines, Sessions and Skillsessions or Running Programs, you’ll be guided through the different training modes, based on the goal and the training type you’ve selected.

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