Training Modes with Technogym Ride
Find out about the two types of training within Technogym Ride.

Technogym Live, our digital user interface built into Technogym Ride, allows you to choose from a big variety of workout formats. 

Each format will be articulated in 2 different modes, distinguished by Slope Workouts and Power Workouts (with the exception of Outdoor Routes, which are exclusively composed of incline workouts).

As it follows a list of what you can find:

  • The Trainers section, which includes an extensive library of both slope and power classes, organized in 8-session programs.
    Each class will have our best trainers who will interact directly with you, guiding your movements step by step;
  • The Custom section, featuring peculiar workouts dedicated to achieving targeted goals;
  • The Programs, training formats lasting several weeks that provide power training following a specific schedule of 3 sessions per week;
  • The Outdoors area, consisting of highly immersive virtual routes which can move in real time according to the rhythm of your pedaling (with Outdoors you'll be able to ride some of the most famous climbs in the world, by replicating the exact same inclination. Find out more in this article);
  • The section dedicated to Rouvy, one of the most famous virtual reality apps on the market (discover all the features related to Rouvy by going here).

Each of these programs has unique features that will bring you toward a dynamic and engaging experience, in a full Technogym style.

Slope Workouts

Slope workouts are so called because their blocks of exercise rely solely on inclination.

When a workout is on an incline, Technogym Ride will activate a special technology that will simulate the same resistance that you would experience on a climb present in the real world. 

Thanks to the configurable buttons, you can take total control of your training: the two lateral gear shift, simulated by an electromagnetic brake, allows you to chose the right gear all the times.

These gear shifts are composed of 2 types of buttons:

  1. Using the internal ones, you have the possibility to change the slope of your training from 0% to 15% (only in the case of workouts where it is possible to modify the value);
  2. The external ones instead, will let you select the most suitable ratio (at the rear). In addition, by pressing these two buttons at the same time, you can directly act on the front ring, shifting from one to the other.

Keep in mind that if you do a quick workout by pressing the START button, or if you start one of the programs within the Custom Section (in particular, Time Goal Distance Goal or Calories Goal), the workout will be exclusively slope-based.

Power Workouts

In this type of training the slope parameter is not present; what is going to be monitored, instead, is the power. Technogym Ride will make sure that for each workout step you will develop a certain level of power.

In particular, no less than 5 Power Zones have been identified, adjusted according to the results obtained in your Technogym FTP Test (find out more about the functioning of the FTP threshold by going into this article).

Each zone corresponds to a specific FTP percentage: Zone 1 (higher than 55%); Zone 2 (between 56 and 75%); Zone 3 (between 76 and 90%); Zone 4 (between 91 and 105%); Zone 5 (less than 105%).

Power workouts can be distinguished into 2 different types. For each type, Technogym Ride's lateral gear shift will work in a different way.

Check all the details below.

Absolute Power workouts

  1. The internal buttons allow you to increase (right button) or decrease (left button) the power value by ±1 watt;
  2. The external buttons allow you to increase or decrease the power by ±10 watts.

(Keep in mind that by using the external button you will reach the nearest value close to ten. For example, if you are at a power of 73 watts, pressing one of the two buttons you will go to 70 watts, or 80, and not 63/83 watts).

%FTP workouts

  1. The internal buttons allow you to increase (right button) or decrease (left button) the FTP value by ±1%;
  2. The external buttons allow you to increase or decrease the FTP by ±5%;

% Bias workouts

In power workout and classes you can adjust the intensity of the class by changing the %bias parameter. This value is initially set to 100%, and indicates that the current class is set to your ftp threshold.

By increasing or decreasing it, you'll recalculate the class profile, which will conform to the new percentage you've chosen (if your ftp is normally 200 watts, changing the %bias to 110% will change the class profile as if your ftp was 220).

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