Training Modes with Skillbike
Find out about the multiple types of training within Skillbike.

With Skillbike you have a huge range of training content at your disposal: choose from numerous training formats that will prepare you to give your best performance, also this time.

As it follows you can have a general overview of the available exercises:

  • Goal driven: it includes training experiences based on the achievement of a specific objective to be chosen among training time; calories to be burned and maximum distance;

  • Specifics: in this section you can explore a wide library of exercises with two different types of training (power and slope). More in detail:

    -Agility: this type of workout is based on a specific route with different levels of slope; in which you can initially specify how much percentage of power you would like to reach at the maximum threshold.

    -Specific strength: a type of workout which is based both on the cadence and the power output during your pedaling. During this workout your Skillbike will automatically adjust, according to the settings you have previously chosen.

    -Progression to threshold: this workout is characterised by continuous incremental increases until you will reach your maximum threshold, the same identified during your FTP Test.

    -Create your own: you are the one who can create its ideal workout by choosing its main settings. For example, you'll be able to define its details including whether to set it to power/slope type of workout (and the related and specific settings) as well as the distance and duration of the workout itself.

  • Technogym Routes: In this section, you can ride the real slopes of the most famous cycling routes loved by top professionals, including Stelvio, Passo Fedaia and Passo Rolle.

  • Uphill rides: this section includes three types of exercises based on the slope modality, including:

    -Rolling hills: in which you can train and ride with intervals of hills of different slopes;

    -Sharp hills: in which the training route is characterized by the interval of two hills with two predetermined slopes;

    -Hill repetitions: a route with intervals of repeated hills with predetermined slopes.

  • Power Shift: in this type of exercise you can set three different types of power to train according to your needs.
    Then, during your workout, you can easily select the power using the power shortcuts set and your Skillbike will adapt the resistance of the pedal in real time so that you can maintain the selected power percentage.

Each of these programmes has unique features that will help you to immerse yourself in an extremely dynamic and engaging training experience.

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