Trainers on Technogym Ride
Achieve greater results with Trainers: highly interactive and dynamic workouts with the best instructors at your disposal!

Technogym Ride has a vast range of content available, among these, you can find the Trainers section: a library integrated with Technogym Live dedicated to intense and engaging training classes that will make you reach new heights in your cycling performance.

The Trainers section is organized in series. Each series is composed of 8 different classes, divided into both power training and incline training (learn more about these types of training in this article).

The interface of the Trainers section is structured into 3 different parts. The first, the central one, includes a list of all available classes, which you can view at will with a simple swipe of your finger. 

On the left, you can find an informational menu made up of three panels, which will show you additional details related to your classes.

Specifically, you can see:

  • An overview of the series in which the various classes are grouped, where you can check both the classes you have already done and those you are missing;
  • A list of the instructors available in Trainers, integrated with details about their lifetime as professional athletes and the type of classes they will be in charge of;
  • A list of the categories in which the classes can be relegated, distinguished in: Allround, Endurance, Block, Speed and Climb.

In addition, in the upper right corner of the display, you'll be able to take advantage of useful filters that will let you filter the many classes according to certain criteria, including:

  • Program Type;
  • Instructor;
  • Duration.

By selecting a class of your interest, you will open a small preview screen where you will be shown a general trend of the workout (expressed in blocks of different shades and height to represent the inclination or power, depending on the type of class) together with an indication of the average degree of inclination or the average power level (both expressed in percentages). 

Pressing the green "start" button will start the class.

Starting a Trainer Class

By starting your workout, the trainer will guide you through the entire training experience.

The Trainers training interface is characterized by numerous functions. In particular, in the upper part you'll find a handy panel that will show you the following data:

  • The entire training profile divided into intervals, separated into blocks of different pitch and height, which will indicate the variations in inclination or power;
  • The target Rpm (i.e. the cadence to be maintained for that specific interval) and the percentage of incline / ftp referring to the current interval you are doing; 
  • A timer indicating the time remaining until the next interval change. When the time reaches 0, you will be shown the Rpm, inclination or power values for the next interval.

Along the bottom of the interface instead, you'll find all the specific data related to your training, which will differ according to the nature of the class you have chosen (whether power or incline).

Slope Classes

In the slope classes, you will be able to use the ratio, a value that can be modified through the two lateral gear shift integrated on Technogym Ride, with which you will be able to adapt optimally to any inclinations present on the training profile.

Power Classes

In power classes you can adjust the intensity of the class by changing the %bias parameter. This value is initially set to 100%, and indicates that the current class is set to your ftp threshold.

By increasing or decreasing it, you'll recalculate the class profile, which will conform to the new percentage you've chosen (if your ftp is normally 200 watts, changing the %bias to 110% will change the class profile as if your ftp was 220).

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