Strength Sessions on Technogym Live
Train with Strength Sessions on Technogym Live: total body workouts with our best trainers who will always motivate you to achieve maximum results.

Today is a new day, you're about to write a new page of your training journey. 
So why not enhancing your training experience and integrate it with a total body workout?

Thanks to Technogym Live interface, you can find our Strength Sessions: a real total body workout library to combine with your cardio routine, including stretching and relaxation exercises with our yoga trainers... and all created with the same enthusiasm of our Technogym Sessions!

Included within Technogym Plus Membership, with our Strength Sessions you will be able to choose from several types of Series, each of which is made up of 6 Sessions with a progressive workout intensity.  Always new, every week.

In addition, each Session can be filtered by:

  • The trainer who motivates you the most;
  • The accessories at your disposal (for example, Wellness Ball, Technogym Bench, dumbbells or weight body);
  • Your training level (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced);
  • The workout duration (from 20 up to 50 minutes).

Your Strength Sessions are a unique 360-degree experience for 365 days of your life.
Your perfect total body workout: a true and proper ritual of wellness

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