Subtitles on Technogym Live App Sessions
Discover how to change subtitles within your Sessions trainings!

With Technogym Live App you can change the subtitles of your Sessions.

Depending on the language set on your tablet, Technogym Live App will adapt to your settings and offer you preset subtitles whenever you start a program in a foreign language.

But with Technogym Sessions you also have the possibility to set a different language than the one set on yout tablet. You can change it through the pop-up window which appears before the workout (find out more about Sessions by going here).

To do this, just follow the steps below:

  1. Access to Technogym Live App from your tablet (Technogym Live App is available for both iOS and Android systems);
  2. Select the panel referred to the Sessions;
  3. Identify a Serie you like, and choose 1 of the six Sessions available. A new pop up window will appear;
  4. Within this new window, press on the language panel (the one above the boxes related to difficulty levels) and scroll down with your finger until you find the language your prefer.

Keep in mind that if the language you have chosen is different from the subtitle language you normally use, it will be then considered as the new default subtitle language.

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