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Discover the available subscriptions on Technogym Ride: Technogym Plus and Technogym Unlimited.

As it follows you can have an overview on how to maximize your training experience with the available subscriptions on Technogym Ride: the first all-in-one bike with real gears that allows you to take your cycling training experience to the next level.

Thanks to Technogym Live digital platform directly integrated on Technogym Ride, you'll be able to access increasingly personalized content, tailoring it to your unique training needs: you choose how you train today.

Among the many training options always available on Technogym Ride, you can immerse yourself in:

  • Technogym Outdoors: virtual routes with real slopes and lengths characterized by an highly immersive visualization that perfectly adapts to your pedaling speed (check how to ride the most famous climbs in the world here);
  • Programs: training formats lasting several weeks that provide power trainings following a specific schedule of 3 sessions per week, specifically created to improve that type qualities which are fundamental to get the best out of your performance (read more here);
  • Custom: very specific training profiles dedicated to the achievement of targeted goals;
  • Apps: the possibility to interact with different types of Apps directly integrated or compatible with Technogym Ride (Zwift, TrainingPeaks, Nextflix, for example).
    If you want to learn more about how TrainingPeaks works you can read here or, if instead, you would like to be carried away in the virtual universes of Zwift, instead, you can check it out here;
  • 6 Trainers Classes: cycling classes with the best professional bikers with both slope and power classes intentionally designed to help you performing better on your road bike experience.

Moreover, you can further customize your workout to the last detail, boosting your digital training experience by choosing the subscription option that suits you the best: Technogym Unlimited and Technogym Plus.

Subscriptions on Technogym Ride

As it follows you can have a more detailed overview about the extra training through which you can boost your training experience:

  • Technogym Unlimited

With Technogym Unlimited Membership of €29 per month you can finally live the maximum training experience of your Technogym Ride.

In addition to the always available content and to the Strength Sessions, with this type of subscription you can also train with:

-Trainers: cycling classes with the best professional bikers with both slope and power classes intentionally designed to help you performing better on your road bike experience;

-Rouvy: whose subscription is completely included, so that you can always be in touch with your Community, wherever and whenever you want.

  • Technogym Plus

Activating your Technogym Plus Membership for 8.99 € per month, in addition to the content always available on your equipment, you can also get access to:

Strength Sessions, a full library of total body workouts to integrate into your cardio routine, with also stretching and relaxation exercises included. All perfect for a proper 360-degree wellness experience (You can read more here).

You can activate a Technogym Plus subscription directly from your Technogym App.

  1. Log in to Technogym App with your Technogym ID
  2. Click on "Workout" form the navigation bar
  3. Select "Session"
  4. Tap "Subscribe now"

(When you log in to Technogym Ride with the same Technogym ID which you have linked to your subscription, you will have all the contents automatically unlocked on your equipment for a total seamless experience).

You can activate your Unlimited subscription directly from here.

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