Strava Routes with Technogym Ride
Discover the Strava Routes feature applied to Technogym Ride.

With Technogym Ride you can take advantage of the Strava Routes feature, one of the most used and appreciated tools by all Strava athletes.

In order to enjoy your favorite Strava Routes riding your Technogym Ride, you must synchronize your Strava account with Technogym App (if you don't know how to synch third-party apps with Technogym App, feel free to check this article!).

After that, in order to access the section dedicated to Strava Routes, you'll have to go to "My Activities" in the main interface of Technogym Live.

To do so:

  1. Head to Technogym Live homepage;
  2. Select your profile icon at the top right of the screen. You will see a pop-up panel with a yellow box with the heading "My Activities";
  3. Press on "My Activities". You’ll be redirected into the Technogym Live area reserved for monitoring your workouts.

Within this area, you can see all the workouts you've done from week to week, which will include parameters such as duration of the workout, MOVEs gained, kcal burned and km done. 

On the right, you can find four vertical icons. The last one, the one with the official Strava logo, will be the one dedicated to Strava Routes.

In this section you have available all the routes that you have decided to record and import from the application or from the Strava website. 

Here's a list of what you can find into the Strava Routes section:

  • All the routes you have done yourself and saved as Strava Route;
  • All the routes you created with Strava's editor and decided to save;
  • All preset routes made directly by Strava for you that you have decided to save.

To find your routes on the Strava website or app, go to its main menu, then head to Dashboard > My Routes (Maps > Saved , on Strava app). Select 'Cycling' to see the routes that can be imported on Technogym Live.

How to train on your Strava Routes

Selecting one of the routes on the display of Technogym Ride, you will be shown a general overview in which you can see the route you've done with an enlarged view of the map and a graph of the slope.

Pressing on the green button "Start Route", you will start your route, and you’ll be able to cover it replicating the same km and the same inclinations as shown in the initial overview. Remember that it will be you who will manage the gears during the various points of the route.

In addition, Technogym Live will catapult you into an evocative satellite map, where you can relive your journey in real time thanks to gps tracking, which will represent your image as you progress along the way.

Please note that the map can also be viewed in navigator mode, by selecting the button in the upper right corner of the interface.

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