Skillsessions on Technogym Run
Train with Skillsessions on Technogym Run: professional workouts designed to guide you toward the achievement of maximum results.

Technogym Run, thanks to the Multidrive Technology, is the only treadmill designed to elevate your athletic performance and reach your specific goals more quickly and effectively than ever.

In this specific article, we’ll focus on the Skillsessions, the first training sessions specifically designed to increase your running performance, through the combination of drills, sprints and pushes.

Discover Skillsessions

Skillsessions are training sessions specifically tailored to increase your sprint capacity, running pace, endurance and push power, through the alternance of Running and Sled training modes (read more about Training Modes on Technogym Run).

With the Skill Sessions you can reach the results you want in the fastest way possible, choosing between a different set of specific targets. You can choose to improve:

  • Sprint Capacity: In order to enhance your ability to maintain high speed at the end of the acceleration phase.

  • Running Pace: The anaerobic threshold is the maximum training intensity a runner can sustain for an extended period of time. Through specific training profiles based on intervals slightly above and below the personal threshold, it is possible to progressively improve it.

  • Running Efficiency: Running style has a direct relationship to power expended step by step. In addition to raising the anaerobic threshold, minimizing power expenditure is another lever to improve running performance. A very effective way to improve running form is to work on the number of steps per minute and therefore the cadence.

  • Lateral Power: Elevate your sport performance with fast pivots, stops and starts, and agility by working on your lateral power. Quick changes in direction are, in fact, critical to team sports like basketball, football and rugby.

  • Injury Prevention: Most injuries are caused by poor form or muscle weakness. Combine drills, sled pushes and dynamic stretching to prevent you from getting hurt while running.

  • Acceleration: Sprinting and acceleration are key factors for any athlete, from track and field competitors to team sport players. Maximize them both, combining sled pushes and running drills.

You can access Skill Sessions through the Live Console’s main interface:

  1. Tapping on “Sessions
  2. and then selecting the “Skillsessions” button.

You’ll then be redirected to the Skillsessions library, where you’ll be able to choose your preferred Session and the episode you prefer to start with, based on the performance goal, the trainer or the duration of the workout.

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