Skillrow App
Here you can find all the info you need to connect Skillrow App to your Skillrow and get the most out of your indoor rowing experience.

Technogym’s Skillrow App is a groundbreaking solution which allows you to enjoy the most immersive rowing experience, whether you’re at home or at the gym. 

Connecting Skillrow App with Skillrow, you’ll be able to enjoy professional training programs created with the collaboration of olympic athletes, track your performance and challenge users from all over the world.

Connect the Skillrow App to your equipment

First of all, in order to use the App, you must connect the Skillrow App to your Skillrow.

Just place your phone in the integrated phone holder, enable bluetooth in your device and open the Skillrow app.

Then tap on the Workout section and choose from a set of different types of workouts, such as interval training and Technogym Neuromuscular Training programs, to stimulate your neuromuscular and metabolic performances through cadence and intensity variations, or just set your own goal in terms of time, distance, calories and repetitions.

Once you’ve chosen your workout, you can press start and easily connect the App to your Skillrow and start rowing.

Through the Biofeedback technology, the App will track your activity and you’ll be able to receive real time feedback on your performance metrics, monitoring and improving your stroke force and length, your cadence and your force peak.

Once you have finished your training session, you can immediately see your results in the detailed post-training summary, and check it later as well in the Results section, where you can monitor your progress over time, explore your achievements in detail and analyze your trends.

Skillrow App Features 

With Skillrow app you can also:

Join challenges

In the Home area on the Skillrow App, you can join challenges, both periodical and classic, and test your abilities by challenging other users. Choose the distance and try to beat your friends’ record in the classical challenges, or participate in the periodical challenge with users from all over the world.

You can also check your previously completed challenges and see your place in the podium to monitor your progress over time.

Take a look at the open races, get ready and row your best in the competition! 

Choose your free training

With the workouts you can find in the “Workouts” area of the Skillrow App, our team of experts will guide you through a set of different interval training workouts, Technogym Neuromuscular Training programs, or, if you prefer, you can set your own goal and just start rowing.

In particular, here are the different training options you can choose from:

  • Just Row: where you can freely train at the pace and resistance you prefer for the time and distance you wish;
  • With Goal: Where you can set a goal to your training, which can be chosen among Duration Goal, Distance Goal, Reps Goal and Calories Goal;
  • Technogym Neuromuscular Training: Where you can find two training modes: The Constant Power workout and the 3 Cadences one, which, alternating cadence and resistance make you able to improve your neuromuscular response.
  • Run & Burn: where you can find a list of workout plans intended to help you burn calories, with a High Intensity Training focus. 
  • Personalized Workout: where you can create your personalized workout.

Discover the video workouts

Want more guidance? Learn how to row like a champion from elite coaches such as Alexia Clark, Kenny Santucci, Scott Durant and Omri Rachmut with the Skillrow App Video Workouts.

Improve your technique and performance following the advice of the world champions and follow a combination of exercises specifically designed to improve your performance and allow you to achieve flexibility, stability, power, stamina, speed and muscle tone.

You can choose from different types of workouts, starting from the beginners guide with “guide me” videos, to training sessions focused on the improvement of different performance indicators:

  • Movement: In the “Guide me” workout videos, guided by Scott Durant and Alexia Clark, you’ll improve your rowing stroke and form, in order to reach your goals in the most efficient way. Rowing is a periodic movement that requires the repetition of the rowing stroke phases as precisely as possible. Even though rowing is a very natural motion which most people pick up quickly, a correct body position impacts on overall performance and prevents injuries.
  • Speed: Maintaining a high stroke per minute rate provides an extremely efficient cardio training. As all your body is involved, rowing intensely keeps your heart rate elevated. Following the advice of Omri Rachmut, you’ll gain cardiovascular resistance and refine your rowing technique, essential to reach higher paces during workout and better express your speed and sprints.
  • Power: Rowing is one of the few existing training movements which requires both power and aerobic fitness. Training with the program guided by Kenny Santuccy, you’ll be able to improve your power and take your performance to the next level. 
  • Muscle Tone: The “Tone your Body” goal focused exercises guided by Alexia Clark will get you a full-body workout and help you tone your muscles, from your core, to your back, shoulders, arms and legs muscles. 
  • Stamina: With the exercises guided by Scott Durant, you’ll focus on the improvement of your resistance, gradually increasing the magnetic resistance and the distance covered in each workout.

In these video workouts, you can find Skillrow-focused workouts (Just Skillrow) or workouts designed to increase your performance through a combination of floor and rowing exercises.

You can also choose from three different levels, which give you the chance to increase the difficulty as you progress in your overall performance.

Now it’s your time to choose your preferred workout with Skillrow App and start your Skillrow training experience!

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