Settings on Technogym Live
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Discover how to check and modify all the technical information of your Technogym Live Interface, from the "Settings" section of your equipment.

You can access the technical information of your Technogym Live equipment by selecting the “Settings button at the bottom left of your screen.

In this section, you can really personalise your equipment, tailoring it to your unique workout needs.

More specifically, within the item:

  • General: you can set new Wi-Fi credentials and review the legal conditions you have accepted beforehand;
  • Profile: you can select the language and customise your training settings (for example, your maximum Heart Rate and your training level);
  • Family: you can manage the Subscription options and check the Technogym Accounts available;
  • Tutorials: you can access to several video tutorials which will get you started in your experience with your equipment;
  • Feedback: you can send us a feedback to make your workout experience even more unique and personalised;
  • Shop: you can further customise your training experience by boosting it with other Technogym accessories and equipment.

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