Technogym Sessions on Technogym Bike
Technogym Sessions on Technogym Bike are highly engaging spinning classes with professional bikers ready to guide and encourage you through your training experience.

"Push your limits" is your new motto for your Technogym Sessions training experience.
Today, whatever your final goal is, you can be sure you will accomplish it because your trainer knows exactly how to push you, even to ride that last mile that, sometimes, seems almost impossible.
Also the Music and the Setting will be your greater ally in this challenge, following the rhythm of the intensity, in an immersive and unique experience.

One thing is for sure: once in your life, you have watched a TV series, even by chance. 

But, have you ever imagined being part of it, with a unique training experience on your Technogym Bike? 

Here at Technogym, we’ve designed our Sessions as if they were real TV series, with the difference that: with the word “Series” we mean a single season, while the episodes that make it up are referred as “Sessions”.

From your Technogym Live interface, depending on how you feel today, you can choose from 3 different types of Series exclusively created for your Technogym Bike experience:

  • Exert: unleash your power; 
  • Endeavour: enhance your stamina;
  • Drive: boost your speed.

Furthermore, each Series is formed by 6 Sessions with progressive intensity levels. 

More in detail, each Session:

  • Has specific riders ready to push your limits;
  • Has a duration of about 30-45 minutes;
  • Is available in English or Spanish.

If you don’t want to miss out on the next episode of your personal adventure, you can always train with your favourite Sessions with both Technogym Plus Membership and Technogym Unlimited Membership (find out more about Technogym Bike subscriptions, here).

We promise not to spoil the ending!    

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