Running programs on Technogym Run
Are you ready to run towards your superior results? Let’s start training with Technogym Run!

On Technogym App you have the possibility to train with indoor training programs suitable for everyone, both for professional runners and amateurs, taking full advantage of the true potential of Technogym Run.

How does it work?

Whether you activated a Signature Program or you have a program assigned by the Technogym Coach, you are now ready to train and boost your performance with Technogym Run!

In order to start your Daily Workout on Technogym Run follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Technogym App;
  2. Tap on “Daily Workout” from the main home page;
  3. Then tap on “Star workout” bottom (please, take note that this step can’t be skipped);
  4. Log in on your Technogym Run (using the same Technogym ID created on your Technogym App);
  5. Then on your Technogym Run you will see a specific box dedicated to your workout located next to your personal profile;
  6. Tap on the green button to start your cycling program’s prescribed workout.

(Please take note that if you would like to change your training day of your Program > Go to Technogym App home page >  press on the "Edit" icon located on the right of your "Precision Program" summary > scroll down until you see “Training Settings” > tap "Training Days" and edit your training and rest days).

Program Types

With Technogym Run, you can create different types of training programs, based on your fitness goals, sport goals or running performance goals:

  • Coach Programs: Creating your Precision Program, you can choose a Fitness goal, among Lose weight, More Strength, Tone your Body, Start Moving and Stay Young and selecting your available equipment, therefore your Technogym Run, in order to include it in the exercises proposed by the Coach “Daily Workouts”.
    You can also choose to increase your performance creating a “Sport”  Program specific for Running; or to improve your Health by choosing a “Health and Lifestyle” Program, selecting among “Diabetes”, “Hypertension” and “Overweight” programs.
    (to find out more about how to create your Precision Program, check
  • Orlando Pizzolato's Running Programs: The Running Programs designed by Orlando Pizzolato to help you improve your running performance for 5km, 10 km and half-marathon runs, at different expertise levels. You can find them in the workout section, in the programs menu.
  • Yeman Crippa’s Signature Program: The 1 month Running Program designed by Yeman Crippa, the italian long-distance runner, created to help you improve your anaerobic threshold, maximum aerobic capacity and strength endurance. You can find them in the workout section, in the programs menu, tapping on “see more” next to “RUN” Programs.
  • Dafne Shippers’ Signature Program: The 1 month Running Program designed by Dafne Shippers, the Dutch twice world champion in the 200m, created to help you improve your endurance strength, your overall stamina and to fortify muscles and ligaments. You can find them in the workout section, in the programs menu, tapping on “see more” next to “RUN” Programs.

Once you’ve chosen your goal, your Program:

  • will adapt to your weekly schedule, because you can specify the days on which you would like to train;
  • includes warm-up and recovery parts, essential elements to prepare your body and prevent injuries;
  • adapts to your performance in real time, based on your feedback.

(to see in detail step by step how your daily workout will be structured on your smart equipment, check here).

With the running programs available on Technogym App you can have everything you need to stay motivated, and to continuously improve your performance. 

Furthermore, with Technogym Run, you can have endless training possibilities, such as engaging Sessions guided by trainers and experts, Bootcamp Routines and much more.

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