Routines on Technogym Run
Get ready to train with Technogym Run with Technogym Routines and the brand new Bootcamp Routines.

Elevate your athletic performance, tone and strengthen your body or lose weight. Reach all these goals more quickly and effectively than ever with the only treadmill designed for this purpose.

Train with Routines

Technogym Run Routines allows you to train both cardio capacity and power.

Work on all of your muscle groups and achieve your training goals, working both your cardiovascular capacity and strength through sled pushes and uphill runs, accessing Routines directly through the Live Console’s main interface:

  1. Select the panel "Routines".
  2. Press on the Routine you want to train with.
  3. You'll be redirected into a new screen, where you can select the duration and the level of difficulty you prefer from 1 to 25. You can adjust the level whenever you want during the workout by simply using the speed or incline joysticks.
  4. Now, press on the green vertical bar "Start" on the right and start training!

You can choose among:

  • Run Routines: routines designed to help you improve your cardiovascular capacity and overall resistance, through the execution of specific sequences of drills, hill runs, jog and sprints, to perform in Running Mode.

  • Run & Push Routines: which are routines designed to increase your sprinting capacity, acceleration and resistive power with the alternance of Running and Sled training modes.

  • Bootcamp Routines:  which alternate running, pushing and floor exercises and automatically adapt to your level for the most effective high-intensity workout ever, right at home. During Bootcamp Routines, you’ll have running phases, where you’ll have to follow a certain profile with a specific speed and incline, alternated with a series of floor exercises.

Moreover, by training with Technogym Routines (not Bootcamp Routines), you have the opportunity to overlay additional content from other apps, like YouTube. Routines make you able to workout while watching your favorite TV series, listen to your favorite music or get up to date with the latest News.

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