Technogym Coach's Precision Program on your equipment
Discover how your Precision Program, created by your Technogym Coach, can also include your available smart equipment with Technogym Live.

Technogym Coach is the digital personal trainer of your Technogym App that can create a personalised workout program based on your goals and on your equipment, a true Precision Program tailored to your training needs (if you want to find out more about how Technogym Coach works and how to activate a Precision Program, go here).

In fact, when creating your training program with Technogym Coach, you will be asked to specify which equipment you would like to add to your Precision Program: MyRun, Technogym Elliptical, Technogym Bike or any other Technogym smart equipment. 

In this way, once the program is finally created, your Technogym Coach will suggest you a daily training session in which all your equipment is included, and it will also interact directly with your smart equipment's Technogym Live interface.  

As it follows you can find step by step how your daily workout proposed by your Technogym Coach will take place:

  • Go to Technogym Coach’s section of Technogym App;
  • Tap on the box called "Daily Workout”;
  • By pressing on it, you will get access to a summary interface where you can see a preview about all the information regarding your workout;

  • To start your workout, which will be composed of different training blocks, simply select the white panel with “Start Workout”;
  • During your workout, when you are proposed a block on your equipment, the display of your phone will show a screen inviting you to access Technogym Live on your equipment.
    In this step, it is fundamental to log into your Technogym Live with the same Technogym ID you have previously created when registering on Technogym App;
  • Depending on the equipment you need to train with, you will make use of Technogym Live Interface on the equipment's console or of Technogym Live App on the tablet connected to the equipment. Here's the steps to start the prescribed exercise for each interface:

After accessing Technogym Live, in order to continue training on your equipment, you just have to simply press on the blue box at the bottom right of your interface saying "Technogym App Workout" - Then, a screen summarizing your workout will appear. Press the blue button "START" and your workout on your equipment will start automatically, guiding you step by step during your training experience.

After accessing Technogym Live, in order to continue training on your equipment, you just have to simply press on the profile icon, located on the top-right corner of the screen and the tap on the green button "START" that will appear in the drawer.

  • Finally, once you've finished the training block with your equipment, you will see a final summary screen of your workout. Then, you can come back to your Technogym App and proceed with the next block scheduled in your daily workout.

If you would like to know how to change your equipment within your Precision Program, go here.

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