Outdoors on Technogym Ride
Outdoors on Technogym Ride: virtual bike routes and paths with real slopes and lengths.

Outdoors on Technogym Ride are Technogym's latest cutting-edge innovation, belonging to the "Slope" type of workouts. (If you'd like to learn more about the other training modes available, in addition to the Slope ones, check them out here).

To access all the available bike routes on your Technogym Ride:

  1. Log in to Technogym Live;
  2. Select "Outdoor";

Then, a new screen will open where you can have an overview of all the Outdoors characterized by different lengths and, furthermore, divided into three main categories:

  • Flat: with an average slope of about 1%;
  • Hill: with an average slope between 2% and 4%;
  • Climb: with an average slope between 5% - 8%. 

During your cycling experience, the landscape will automatically adapt in real time to your speed as well as your Technogym Ride, based on the specific Outdoor you have chosen, will simulate the same resistance you would feel on a real-world climb or slope.

This means that you can actually shift the gears:

In fact, on the handlebars of the bike you will have available, as in reality, two lateral electronic bottoms that will allow you to increase or decrease the gear ratio.


  • Pressing the right external button: you can decrease the numerical value of the rear cassette;
  • Pressing the left external button: you can increase the numerical value of the rear cassette;
  • Pressing both the outer buttons at the same time: you will be able to modify the front crown, according to the settings provided.

    (Keep in mind that these numerical values vary depending on the different cycling modes you can set on Technogym Ride, for a more complete overview check here).

Monitor your performance

In addition, throughout the course of your training you can always keep track of your performance data in real time.  


  • On the the bottom black bar, you can check:

         -Speed: displayed in real time;
         -Cadence: the number of pedal strokes per minute;

         -Power: of your pedaling expressed in Watts;

         -Gear: the specific gear ratio you have set;

         In addition, by pressing on one of the two icons representing two arrows you can further expand          the information and check:

        -Elevation: overall total reached up to that moment;

        -Distance: traveled expressed in real time;

        -Duration: your timing from the start of your workout;

        -AVG power: your average pedalling power;

        -HR: your heart rate if you have a connected device (find out how to connect it here);

        -Power rel: relative power of your pedaling; 

        -Torque: pedaling force during all 360 degrees of the revolution.

         You can further customize your view, pressing on one of these values, and setting it as default          data, so you can choose what to keep under control throughout all your training experience.

  • Instead, at the top, on the left, you can see a black box representing the specific altimetric profile of the Outdoor you have chosen.

    Press on the box and swipe to the right to get a more detailed overview.

    The coloured graph visually represents the overall height profile of the itinerary, showing you in real time with a white line where you are on the route. 

          Even the colors have a specific meaning: you can see how they vary from a yellow color with a           duller tone to a brighter orange, indicating the different slopes. In ascending order, you will find:

          -A slope less than or equal to -0.5%;

          -A slope with a gradient between -0.4% and 1.5%;

          -A more moderate slope with a gradient between 7.1% and 12%;

          -A steep slope with a major slope equal to 12.1%.

          The numerical part of this bar, instead, represents:

         -The elevation (expressed with a numerical value);

         -The slope of the specific trait in which you are (expressed in percentage);

  • At the top right, you will be shown the missing distance to complete your Outdoor.

Finally, if you haven't done so yet, you can give your best by listening to the music and choosing your favourite one from the Technogym Playlist you prefer. 

You'll be able to do this before starting an Outdoor or other workouts, by pressing the music note icon located at the top left of your Technogym Live interface.

Or, if you have already started your Outdoor, just press the small white bar located in the middle at the top of the screen and swipe it down. Then, within the new panel that appears, select the music note icon and choose your Technogym Playlist.

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