My Activities section on Technogym Bike
With your Technogym Bike you can always keep a diary of your completed workouts: just go to "My Activities" section.

Your weekly training diary 

Within My Activities section, accessible from your profile icon on the top right of your Technogym Live interface, you will always have all your results at your fingertips so you can monitor your improvements.

On the main screen of this section,  you will have a panoramic list of the various workouts completed during the week, highlighted with the values of each of your individual performances.

More in detail, on the left hand side, instead, you can see a general overview with a summary of:

  • Kms done;
  • Calories burned;
  • MOVEs collected (find out what MOVEs are, go check here!).

My Favourites

Have you enjoyed a workout so much this week that you want to challenge yourself again and again by improving your overall performance?
Choose from your weekly history section the workout you want to try again and add it to "My Favourites" by pressing on the bookmark icon that appears right after selecting the workout.

So that, when you are finally ready to try your best with your Technogym Bike, you can always find them all collected by clicking the bookmark icon, located instead, at the top right of your main screen. 

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