How to modify the Precision Program
Do you want to modify some features of your Precision Program? You can do it directly from the Coach section of Technogym App.

Your Precision Program, on Technogym App, has been tailor-made for you, and this is why you will always have the possibility to modify some of its features, in case of need, to get the most out of your training experience.

In fact, you can always modify:

  • The day of the week you would like to train: from the main screen of the Coach section you can select the white pencil icon located at the top right.
    Then pressing the word "Edit" located next to "Your Schedule", you will access a section where you can set the training days and rest days again.
    (To edit a day, hold your finger along the six white dots on the right and drag the panel to your liking).

  • The equipment at your disposal: by selecting the icon of your profile at the top right, you will access your personal area interface where you can find and select the words "Your Equipment". 

    Then, in order to add a new equipment to your Precision Program press the yellow plus button and then select the equipment.
    Instead, if you would like to deactivate or delete an equipment from your Precision Program you can do it by simply pressing directly on the equipment and proceeding to delete (or deactivate) it. 

Fitness Programs and Daily workout

If you have activated a Fitness Program, you will also have the ability to edit more specific details about your daily workout

In fact, if on the assigned day, for example, you don't have the necessary equipment at the moment or you have less time available for training, you can modify the settings of your workout in order to readjust it to your needs, even if these changes will only be temporary. 

In this case, you just need to access the section dedicated to your daily workout and press on the white pencil icon at the lower right corner, next to “Start Workout”.

In this way you will be shown a specific interface in which you will have an overview of how your daily training session will be structured and, here, you can modify:

  • The duration of the workout;
  • Your equipment;
  • How you would like to train (between Sessions or Routines).

Recreating and deleting the Precision Program 

In case you have changed your mind and you would like to activate a new Precision Program, you can go again through all the assessment process by following these simple steps:

  1. Select the white pencil icon from the main Coach section > Scroll down and press on "See program detail";
  2. Then, you will be presented with a summary screen with all the specific information about your currently active Precision Program;
  3. Scroll down again till the bottom of the interface and select "Retake Assessment", in this way you can get access again to the assessment process. 

If, instead, you would like to delete your Program permanently, you can do it by accessing the same aforementioned section using the white pen icon, but this time you just need to select "End Program".

(Keep in mind that by deleting or recreating your Precision Program you will lose the Program’s progress you have accumulated so far).

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