Listen to your favourite music on your equipment
Technogym lets you listen to your favorite songs through Spotify or through exclusive soundtracks designed by Technogym for you.

If you want to train with music, Technogym gives you the ability to choose among the most popular music platforms.

At the top left of the Technogym Live App interface, in fact, there are 3 buttons dedicated to music:

  • The first one with the musical note icon, contains the Technogym Playlists, a selection of the best musical HITs that Technogym has carefully chosen for you. Our playlists feature a variety of 4 musical genres (Pop, House, Rock and Electronic), each with 30 different tracks.
  • The second button takes you to Spotify
  • The last button lets you play Apple Music

Using Spotify

For those who want to use Spotify, just follow these few simple steps:

  1. Download Spotify;
  2. Sign in with your credentials;
  3. Allow Technogym Live App to access to your Spotify account (press here to download the iOS version, or here for the Android version).

Now you can access to your playlists and play your favorite tracks directly through Technogym Live! Get on board and start feeling the music!

Apple Music integration with Official Technogym Playlists

Play and control your favorite Apple Music playlists directly on Technogym Live App.
With this new latest update, within the app you will find an Apple Music icon located on the top left corner through which you can control and choose your favorite playlist without ever leaving your training display.

Don't miss out our new Technogym Playlists created by our Master Trainers to set the right tone and tempo for your next workout experience!

For this feature you need to have an active Apple Music subscription.

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