Swiftpad and Create Your Own features for MyRun
If you can't find the workout which is best suited for you, then create one on your own with Switftpad and Create Your Own features.

Swiftpad and Create Your Own are two features designed by Technogym with the specific goal of letting you reach, within your workouts, levels of customization never seen before.

Through these functions you will be able to set up the training program that best suits your needs, programming every single detail and directing it according to your needs.

With Swiftpad you'll have the opportunity to modify the inclination and speed parameters to your liking, creating a unique training experience.

The Create Your Own feature gives you the possibility of recreating an entire program directly from scratch: all you have to do is to set your goal and enter all the variables you need. 


Swiftpad is a feature that can be used both during the course of a Free Training and during the Goal Workouts, i.e. the workouts by objective selectable within the Custom section of the Technogym Live App.

Swiftpad provides you with 8 shortcuts (four for the speed and four for inclination), where you can insert the parameters you prefer. With this function, the runs on your MyRun will become more and more responsive, thanks to changes in speed and inclination directly set by you.

Swiftpad is a setting that is normally disabled.

In order to activate it properly, you just have to follow these short steps:

  1. Access Technogym Live App main interface (Technogym Live App is available for both iOS and Android systems);
  1. Press on "Settings" at the bottom left (the one with the gear-shaped icon);
  2. From the "General" panel, scroll down until you find the voice "Free and goal exercises Display Switfpad"; 
  3. Activate Swiftpad by pressing the "On/Off button" on the right.

If Swiftpad has been correctly activated, you will be redirected into a new screen where you have the possibility to enter your reference values within the eight boxes.

Editing a value is very simple: just select a panel of your interest and enter a parameter by swiping your finger.

Please remember that:

  • The inclination can be modified in intervals of 0.5 forward, and will be able to reach a maximum slope of 12% (the maximum that your MyRun can reach).
  • The speed instead, represented in km/h, will have a greater sensitivity, since it can be changed in intervals of 0.1, reaching a maximum of 20 km/h (keep in mind that in addition to the speed you can also see the Pace).

Once you’ve entered all the various measurements, be sure to save your data by pressing the white "Set Value" button (If you wish to set new values, just select the button with the white pencil icon. The previous screen with the 8 boxes will appear again).

Now your Switftpad is ready to be put to the test!

Using Swiftpad

After setting it up, you can use Swiftpad by heading inside the Custom section from the Technogym Live App main screen.

As mentioned above, Swiftpad is a feature only available for "Free Training" and "Goal Workouts", so you'll need to select one of these two programs.

After starting the workout by pressing the green button and inserting your desired variables (in case you chose a goal workout), you will find a board where you can monitor all the parameters of your run, including Biofeedback if you activated it.

From this new screen, you can access the Swiftpad section in two different ways:

  • From the 3 buttons at the top, by pressing the leftmost one with the grid-shaped icon;
  • By simply swiping your finger to the left.

If you followed these steps correctly, you will access the Swiftpad screen, which will present all the values you have previously saved.

If you select one of the values, MyRun will immediately adapt to the new incline or speed you have chosen.

Remember that while using the Swiftpad function, you are still able to make changes using the joystick of your treadmill.

Create Your Own

This feature is also accessible through the Custom section, one of the main panels of Technogym Live App interface.

Within Create Your Own, you have the possibility to define your own workout program by creating multiple profiles. Each profile will represent your specific workout, which may be divided into one or several blocks of intervals.

To build and register a new profile, you need first to:

  1. Press the white button "Create New" at the top right of the screen. A pop up window will appear.
  2. Within this window, you have to enter both the title to give to your profile and the main parameter to which you will be subject, distinguished between distance traveled and time.
  3. To save the new changes, press on the white box "Create Profile" . You will be redirected to the general interface reserved for your profile.

In this new interface you'll be able to set any command you prefer.

This screen is structured in 2 main parts:

  • The top one consists of two separate panels: the first, the larger one, represents a graph in which you will be shown a general overview of the speed (and the inclination) that you’ll maintain all along your training steps. This panel is extremely important, as it allows you to keep an optimal track of all the workout you are configuring.

    The second panel on the right instead, will inform you about the total kms, speed and average
    incline of all the steps you have created so far.

  • The lower part is the one dedicated to your training steps. In order to create a new step, you will have to press on the box with the little white button “Add New”. Then you can enter the parameters of your intervals by sliding your finger along the many bars (or simply using the "+" and "-" buttons at the end).

    Keep in mind that for each step that you create you can decide whether to set it with a distance goal or a time goal.
    Tap the white button "Done" at the bottom of the screen to save the various data: you can now
    see your newly edited set inserted in the bottom left corner.

You'll be also able to add new steps and move them, changing their position thanks to the drag and drop! (go to the box of the interval you are interested in, keep your finger pressed on the interval number and move the block where you want it). But remember that you can insert a maximum of 50 steps!

To create other steps, you’ll have two different options at your disposal: either you repeat the procedure just listed (and then go back to the "Add” button) or, if you like to insert an interval equal to the previous one, you can create a copy by pressing the "+" icon on the right of its box.

Remember that you are free to modify even the copy parameters. You can do this by pressing anywhere in the box, and then you will quickly return to the editing screen.

Now you can save your workout by pressing the white button at the top right “Save and Close”.

Every time you save a new workout, it will be accurately recorded within the "Create Your Own" section, where you can resume it by viewing the details, editing or simply, starting it!

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