How to place and move Technogym Bench
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Here you can find simple guidelines on where to place your Technogym Bench and on how to move it safely.

For a perfect training experience, find out the best recommendations about how to place and move your Technogym Bench.

Where to place Technogym Bench?

  • In a naturally well-lit area, but not directly exposed to the sunlight, for the most comfortable workout experience;
  • In an environment with an adequate space surrounding the equipment so you can execute your functional and strength workouts with a full freedom of movement;
  • On a stable, flat, vibration-free surface with an appropriate load-bearing capacity to support the equipment and your movements (such as any step-up and jump exercises);
  • In an environment far from areas subject to high humidity, such as swimming pools, whirlpools and saunas. 

How to move Technogym Bench?

In case you would like to place your Technogym Bench in a different area of your home, you can always do it, thanks to the two practical wheels in endowment. 

In order to complete this operation in an easy way and in complete safety, we recommend taking all the accessories out, before moving the equipment. 

Then, handling it with extreme care, you can hold and lift your Technogym Bench on the side without the wheels, then you can push it towards the desired direction. 

We strongly recommend not to leave the product in an upright position, as this could result in a loss of stability. 

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