How can I create a Precision Program?
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Answer a few questions and get a Precision Program, your personalised training plan created by Technogym Coach.

Get fit, be healthier, perform better. Whatever your goal is, Technogym Coach makes it easy to achieve the results you want with a personalised experience.

Be guided in a Precision Program with tailored-made workouts based on your goals, needs, dreams, level of experience that adapt to the equipment you have, if any, and to your performance and progress. 

Create a Precision Program

Once you've downloaded and registered within Technogym App, you can create your Precision Program at any time.

You can create your Precision Program afterwards, from the Coach section of your Technogym App by selecting the tab: Create your Precision Program”.

In both cases, the creation process of your Precision Program would be the same, since in order to identify the perfect solution for your unique training experience, you will be asked to answer a few questions, so that Technogym Coach will assign you a personalised training program. 

For example, among the different types of questions you will be asked to answer “What makes you move?”, with the option of specifying:

  • ‍Fitness: Getting in shape and feeling better;
  • Sport: Upping my game in my favorite sport;
  • Health & Lifestyle: Working out with a program fit for my medical condition.

Furthermore, during the assessment process you will also be able to define other key aspects which will fully enhance your training experience, including:

  • Your experience level;
  • The duration option of the workout;
  • The equipment you would like to include in the workouts.

As it follows you can have a more detailed overview about the different Precision Programs available on Technogym App, so you can choose how to make your training experience more and more personalised, perfectly in line with your unique needs. 

Your Fitness Programs

These Fitness Programs are ideal to get in shape, lose weight, tone up, build muscle and stay young. 

Going into detail, in order to be assigned a tailored Fitness Program among the ones available, during the assessment phase you will be asked to answer more detailed questions.

What is your goal

Within this specific section, you can go even further selecting your main fitness goal among:  

  • START MOVING: get active and feel healthier;
  • STAY YOUNG: Rejuvenate your body and feel better;
  • TONE YOUR BODY: Get lean and improve definition;
  • LOSE WEIGHT: Burn calories and increase metabolism;
  • MORE STRENGTH: Build muscle and boost strength.

What is your training experience

In this phase, you can select your training level in order to be assigned an extremely personalised training experience: 

  • Beginner (I’m starting to train now);
  • Intermediate ( I’ve been training for about 3 months and know a thing or two);
  • Advanced (Training is my thing. I’ve been working out regularly on advanced exercises).

How long do you want to work out

In this phase you can choose how much time you would like to dedicate to training: 20, 30 or 40 minutes.

(Please take note that the weekly frequency of your assigned daily workout depends on the workout duration you selected in this phase). 

How do you prefer to train

In this section you can specify if you would like to train with:

  • Sessions: A trainer-led follow along workout video to motivate and guide you every step of the way;
  • Routines: List of exercises to follow at your own pace, with short demo video and optional audio guide. 

How to add or modify Tools and Equipment to your Fitness Program

During the assessment, your Technogym Coach will also ask you to specify your equipment or tools available to you so that it can include them in your Precision Program. 

However, remember that, even once you have been assigned your Fitness Program, you can always modify your available equipment at any time by going to your  Personal profile icon > Your equipment.

Furthermore, if for example, for any reason, you don’t have a specific equipment at your disposal that day (maybe you are travelling) you can also change and manage the equipment of the single daily workout, so that the proposed exercises will be adapted to the equipment currently available to you. 

You can do it, after selecting your "Daily workout” in the main interface of the Coach section, just  press the white pen icon located next to "Start Workout”.  

Sport Programs

These Sport Programs are perfect for those who want to maximise their performance in tennis, golf, running or skiing.

Also in this case, to be assigned the perfect Sport Program tailored to your unique needs, you will be asked to answer a few questions. 

What is your goal

For this specific section you can choose as a main goal the sport you would like to improve your skills in: 

  • RUNNING: Learning to run like a pro;
  • CYCLING: Improving performance when cycling and excel when racing;
  • TENNIS: Ruling the court on match day;
  • SKIING: Conquering the slopes with speed and control;
  • GOLF: Mastering my swing and game;
  • SAILING:  Learn how to adjust the sails and control the wind.

Tools and Equipment

In this phase, you can select the equipment you have available among the ones specifically proposed and designated to practise the sport in which you would like to improve. 

What is your training experience

Also in these sport programs you can select your training level:

  • Beginner (I’m starting to train now);
  • Intermediate (I’ve been training for about 3 months and know a thing or two);
  • Advanced (Training is my thing. I’ve been working out regularly for over 3 months).

How long do you want to work out

All the sport programs require at least 45 minutes for a proper immersive training experience. 

Please keep in mind that for the Running program you will be required to specify additional information, such as “How far do you want to run?” or “How far can you run right and how long does it take?”.

Health & Lifestyle Programs

These programs are ideal if you want to reap the benefits of physical activity with workouts suitable for conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, overweight and back pain.

Also in this case, Technogym Coach will guide you through more specific questions.

What is your medical condition

In  this phase of the assessment, you can choose among four specific health needs:

  • DIABETES: Do regular exercise for your glucose management routine;
  • HYPERTENSION: Do physical activity for your blood pressure management routine;
  • LOWER BACK PAIN: Strengthen the back and increase flexibility;
  • OVERWEIGHT: Get more active to burn fat.

Once you have selected one of these programs, in order to guarantee a safe training experience an extensive disclaimer will show up. 

In fact, its aim is to warn you that the overall content suggested by the program is not intended to substitute a diagnosis and/or any medical advice; specifying that you are responsible also for the data provided and that you assume all risk for any errors in such data. 

Moreover, in  addition to that, a conclusive part clarifies which categories of patients, due to their health condition, are not advised to follow the proposed program.

And finally, at the end of this body text, you are asked to acknowledge and accept all the conditions listed aforementioned and only after this last step, you can eventually proceed to the next stage of the assessment process.

How to add Equipment to your Health & Lifestyle Program

Each one of the health programs, except the Lower Back Pain one, requires the usage of either a treadmill or a bike

Furthermore, you can eventually add to your program strength equipment to choose among “Kinesis”, “Power Personal” and “Unica”. 

The reason behind these available options lies in the essential role played by the equipment, since these programs have been intentionally created in order to make you achieve your goals without affecting at all your overall health status.

Alternatively, if you have chosen, instead the Lower Back Pain Program you won’t need any specific equipment. 

In fact, for this specific program, you will be asked whether or not you have experienced severe back pain in the last 4 months and, based on your answer on this last question, Technogym Coach will subsequently structure and design a program aiming to restore your back balance, proposing you also stretching exercises.

Last but not least, if you eventually decide to leave beforehand the assessment process of the Health & Lifestyle program, a little disclaimer will remind you to get medical consent before starting training and to avoid vigorous intensity exercise. 

This notification will also appear in the case you opt to end the program sooner than planned.

(Please take note that the Signature Programs and the Precision Programs can’t be both activated at the same time).

How is my workout compliance calculated?

The compliance of your workout exercises is calculated differently depending on the kind of workout that you chose:

  • If your program is made of Routines, then the compliance of each exercise will be provided by the ratio between the Moves that you got and the Moves estimated by the exercise. Thus if, for instance, the estimated Moves of a single exercise are 10 but you get 9 Moves, then for that exercise you will be 90% compliance.

  • If your program is made of Technogym Sessions, then the compliance of each block will be provided by the percentage of the video of the Session that you have actually followed. Thus if, for example, the Technogym Session proposed by Technogym Coach lasts 20 mins, but you followed only the first 15 mins, then the compliance of that block will be 75%.

At the end of the last block, the final workout compliance will be given by computing the weighted average of each single exercise and their duration.

In fact, an additional aspect which impacts on the final workout compliance is the time that you employed to complete the whole workout: if you employed more time than expected (because, for example, you need more rest time than what has been suggested by the Technogym Coach or because you paused the workout to answer a phone call), then the final workout compliance could be subject to change.

Now that you finally have a comprehensive overview of the Precision Programs available on  Technogym App, you can decide which one suits you the best according to your unique training needs. A Precision Program tailored to you, to ensure you that you will always reach your personal goals. Day by day. 

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