Getting started with Technogym Elliptical
Get started
Here you can find simple guidelines on how to setup your Technogym Elliptical.

Technogym Elliptical is a professional elliptical that takes up minimal space into your house.

Thanks to its extremely compact design and its ability to be folded into itself, Technogym Elliptical is a unique product, an essential tool which will redefine your total-body workouts.

Before starting workout, make sure to unfold and set up your elliptical. 

In order to do so, follow these simple steps:

  • Pull the lower platform of the elliptical from the handle slot and make sure it's firmly stable on the ground;

  • Insert the safety switch located on the platform, pressing it carefully until the red band is no longer visible;

  • Unlock the two foot plates by rotating the small handles and drive them down  to the starting position.

Now your Technogym Elliptical should be unfolded and set up correctly. 

To get on it safely and efficiently, make sure to:

  • Put your first foot on lower foot plate, and as you step on, help yourself holding the static handles in front of you to keep your balance;

  • After that, place your other foot on the other plate, and move your hands over the moveable handlebars to start exercising.

After finishing your workout, you can simply fold your Elliptical back by following the reverse procedure accordingly: lift the two foot plates back up > unlock the safety switch on the lower platform > lift the platform upwards until it closes.

Working out with Technogym Elliptical

Training with Technogym Elliptical is simple, you just need to start moving along the sliding platforms and eventually alternate the movement of your legs with that of your arms, using the handles on the sides.

If you decide to move only with the lower platforms, you will mainly engage the lower part of your body. On the contrary, by doing a workout alternating between pushing and pulling with the handy side handles, you'll be working your entire body, engaging more muscles at once.

The greatest strength of our elliptical is its rear-drive technology, which will provide a smoother and more natural workout, allowing you to control your movements and balance more effectively.

In this way, muscles and joints are subjected to less strain (that’s the reason why our compact ellipticals can also be used for post-injury recovery training).

As you start your workout, you'll be able to see the elliptical console light up, as it will begin to show you the parameters of your workout. 

In fact, you'll be able to monitor:

  • The training time;
  • The resistance level set;
  • The strides per minute;
  • The distance covered, expressed in km.

To increase or decrease the difficulty level of the workout, you will have at your disposal a quick fast track located on the static handlebars in the center. 

By raising it, you will increase the difficulty, while lowering it will decrease it. 

By lifting it up or down for 10 seconds, you will also have the possibility to change the various units of measurement on the display.

At the end of the workout, you'll also be able to see the number of the total calories consumed, in order to verify the impact that the exercises have had on you. 

In addition, don't forget that by using a tablet with Technogym Live App, you'll be able to further maximize your workout experience. Discover the full training potential of Technogym Live!

(if you need to find out how to connect your tablet to Technogym Elliptical, you can check here).

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