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Learn the guidelines to install your Technogym Run safely and to maintain it in the best way.

Technogym Run is the perfect encounter between design and performance. It makes you able to enhance your running skills, explosive power and cardiovascular capacity with a variety of training modalities, different speeds, loads and inclinations. Thanks to its technical features and the extensive library of digital training contents, Technogym Run offers the best running experience and allows you to reach your fitness goals in the fastest and most engaging way possible.

First of all, let’s discover how to place and move it safely.

Placing the Technogym Run

In order to get the best training experience and maintain Technogym Run performance, choose a cool and dry room to place it, with a temperature between +10°C and +25°C, and ensure a nice illumination, so you can safely execute the workout.

Place the Technogym Run in order to have a 2x1 m safety distance from walls or other objects behind you and to be on a level and stable surface. You can also regulate the adjustable supports placed under the equipment. Don’t use the equipment outdoors and don’t expose it to water, direct sunlight or humidity.

In order to safely move it, Technogym Run is equipped with anterior wheels. Just get the Technogym Run to a 2% inclination while it is switched on, then turn it off through the general switch (0), lift the product by the final part of the lateral foot supports and move it forward or backward. Considering the product’s weight, be sure to get someone’s help to move it.

After the repositioning, verify that the equipment is flat and stable on the new position.


In order to prevent technical issues and to maintain Technogym Run, it is necessary to accurately verify its conditions and/or check for possible damages every two weeks, unplugging it beforehand.

In case of damaged or faulty components, it’s necessary to immediately replace them by contacting our Technical Assistance.

Please, be sure to always maintain Technogym Run clean and dust-free, cleaning it regularly and after every use with a humid sponge and a neutral soap in order to remove sweat. Then accurately dry it with a cloth.

Once a month, clean the inferior part of the equipment and the underneath floor by lifting it at the maximum incline and using a vacuum cleaner.

Don't use chemical products or solvents to clean the product and don’t use abrasive products on glossy parts.


Now you’re ready to start running with Technogym Run! In order to begin your training experience, just safely plug it in and switch it on.

The 27’’ Live console offers you exciting content, such as drills, trainer-led Sessions, targeted Routines, Outdoor environments, and much more. Through the console, you can also check and optimize your technique and efficiency based on the Biofeedback parameters displayed on screen.

In order to ensure the most engaging training experience, Technogym Run is also equipped with an hi-fi audio system, which allows you to enjoy your favorite music, watch Youtube, or to follow the instructions of our Trainers. You can also connect your headphones through bluetooth, for a more immersive experience.

Elevate your running technique, endure powerful sled pushes or challenge your speed. You can choose between two different training modes, such as:

  • Running Training, which enhances your cardio and power capacity, making you able to run at a speed which goes from a minimum of 0.2 km/h to a maximum 25 km/h and with an incline which goes up to 15%.

  • Sled Training, which recreates the experience of pushing a sled on grass, improving your sprinting capacity and acceleration, through the selection of different levels of resistance, up to 55kg.

Thanks to the Multidrive Technology, you need just one tap to change from running, to sled mode. Switch to any speed or gradient instantly selecting it from the grid.

Need for more guidance? Just select one of our training contents among:

  • Routines: select a goal and follow the video exercises, switching from sprints, to drills and uphill runs. You can also choose Bootcamp Routines, to alternate on-treadmill exercises to off-board workouts. (Read more)

  • Sessions and Skillsessions: choose to be guided by an on demand trainer, who will boost your motivation and help you stay focused on your goal. (Read more)

  • Outdoors: run anywhere and let your mind and legs roam free in this collection of natural and urban landscapes from around the world. (Read more)

  • Runnining Programs: pick your fitness or sport goal and create your Program, by selecting your Technogym Coach AI Precision Program or among Technogym Signature Programs designed by champions and experts, and start running to enhance your performance and wellness. (Read more)
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