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Congratulations for deciding to train with Skillrow! Let's discover this fantastic equipment together.

Developed with athletes, university research institutes and with our human centered design experts, Skillrow improves both your cardio and power performance, with a total body workout and the most realistic rowing feel.

In the following article you can find all the info you may need in order to get started with Skillrow, use it at its best, discover all its features and get the most out of your workout.

Let’s get started with the basics, shall we? 

Set up

First of all, sit correctly on the machine when you’re rowing. 

It’s important to stay on the front half of the cushioned seat, with your hip bones positioned right in the middle of it, in order to slide smoothly throughout your workout.

You can then place your feet on the footplate, which can be regulated moving it up and down based on your feet length. Once you’re comfortable, you can proceed to strap it in tightly.

Now, reach forward and grab the handlebar, with your hands placed shoulder width apart.

Now you’re all set. Try to slide back and forth a couple of times to see if you’re comfortable enough and let’s take a look at the correct movement.


It’s really important to have a nice posture during the rowing stroke movement, in order to prevent you from any possible injuries and to make your workout actually effective.

In particular, there are some common mistakes which can be made when you start rowing for the first time.

Remember, your lower back should be as flat and neutral as possible during all the phases of the rowing stroke, which can be summarized in four main steps:

  1. The catch position, therefore the starting position, where your body is all the way forward and close to the intuitive console;
  2. The drive phase, when you actually slide back, working your muscles;
  3. The finish, where you’re all the way back;
  4. The recover, when you slide back forward, ready to catch again;

When you catch, try not to pull the arms first nor to open the back too much.
To overcome the resistance, in fact, you should firstly push on the feet, with your arms extended, then keep the midline stable during your drive phase and finally pull with the arms, in the finish phase. Try to keep your core engaged throughout the entire drive phase.

When you then slide back forward, you should try not to whip the chain. This can be avoided by bringing the arms forward first, followed by the core, and finally the hips. 

Also, avoid hooking your pelvis underneath and sliding too much forward with your hips during the recovery phase. This incorrect movement can be due to the fact that your feet are too high, causing movement restriction. 

Try to drop the footplates slightly further down or to use a towel to raise you up a bit


Skillrow is the first indoor rowing machine able to recreate a perfect simulation of rowing in the water, thanks to Aquafeel technology, which ensures a smooth and fluid movement throughout the entire rowing stroke.

Equipped with the Multidrive Technogym Technology, you’ll be able to train both cardio and power by simply adjusting the resistance, choosing from different levels, with the resistance turn dial placed under the handlebar, at seat level.

Thanks to the Multidrive Technology you can choose between two workout modes:

  • Rowing mode: which makes you able to increase your heart rate, improving your cardiovascular efficiency;
  • Power mode: adding resistance to your workout, it’s specifically designed to perform power-focused exercises and target specific muscles during the movement on the equipment.

With the console, you can easily monitor your performance, getting real-time feedback on your metrics.

As you start your workout, the console will automatically switch on and show you:

  • The training time
  • The strides per minute (spm), in this case the strokes per minute
  • The covered distance
  • The burn Kcals 
  • The split, or the speed per 500 meters
  • The current wattage, therefore how much power you’re doing within the stroke
  • The resistance level
  • Your heart rate

Moreover, you can further maximize your workout experience with the Skillrow App, available for both Android and iOS.

By connecting your mobile through the Skillrow App, you can save your data, participate in challenges with other Skill-rowers and find your ideal training program.

Place it in the integrated phone holder and start rowing!

When necessary, you can also disassemble the Skillrow in two parts, in order to easily move and safely store it. 

Now you’re ready to start. Let’s dive straight into the action!

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