Get Started with Personal Line equipments
Get started
Discover the main guidelines to get started with your Personal Line equipment.

Thanks to the unique design created with the collaboration of Antonio Citterio, Personal Line is the perfect balance between elegance and functionality.

Ready to start your unique training experience? Let’s discover how to get started with your new Personal equipment.

First of all, to fully preserve the equipment and its functionality it must be installed in a place with the following characteristics: 

  • Temperature between +10°C (50°F) and +25°C (77°F)
  • Sufficient lighting, to make the area a safe and relaxing place to exercise in.
  • A flat, stable and vibration free-surface that can support the weight of both the product and the user. 
  • To move it, lift it up slightly, then push it forwards or backwards thanks to the fixed front wheels. 

Now that you’ve found the perfect place for your Personal equipment, you can finally start your workout.

To turn on the product, press the main switch to I position (ON), and then touch the standby switch for a second. The product is on when the standby switch is lit.

To turn off the product, press and hold the standby switch for 3 seconds and then press the main switch to the “0” position (OFF). Only turn the product off, after exercising, when it is in stand-by. 

If you do not expect to use the product for some time, turn it off at the main switch and take the power plug out of the wall socket.

To choose your workout, you have a vast library of digital content to choose from.

The Technogym Live interface brings you connectivity and AI, a library of one-on-one Sessions and guided Routines to make it more exciting and personal than ever.

Choose your favourite training Content, among:

  • Technogym Sessions: one to one sessions based on your personal goals and guided by our best trainers, offering encouragement and suggesting the level of intensity, which you are free to follow or change whenever you prefer.
  • Technogym Routines: step-by-step guided video with a variety of movements and exercises, whose intensity is automatically set up by the equipment. You can also enjoy Routines while watching your favourite Netflix show, receiving guidance through pop-up messages which will appear on the screen.
  • Outdoors: Let natural and urban landscapes captivate you while you’re working out. Be amazed by where your travels around the world can take you.
  • Entertainment Content: Watch your favourite Netflix series or TV program on the HD display. Get your groove on with your go-to YouTube playlist, or browse the most popular websites while working out.

You can also pair your Apple Watch with the console, in order to monitor your heart rate in real time from the display on the equipment. You’ll then be able to see your results on Apple Health as soon as the workout is finished, or, if you have your Technogym App at hand, track your performance by connecting it to the console before starting the workout and check your data later in your Activity Section.

Run Personal

Run Personal is the perfect combination between state-of-art-technology with functional design. 

The silent motor is ideal for any type of training, from easy-paced walking to high intensity marathon training (peak power: 4 HP). And the inclination goes from 0 up to 15% to simulate hill training.

The 21.5” wide touch-screen display and integrated loudspeakers let you watch, listen and interact while training, without any distractions.

The large running surface is provided with shock absorbers for maximum comfort.

Suitable for beginners and sport professionals alike features grip handles, non-slip edges and an emergency STOP button.

The handle material is comfortable and soft to the grip.

In order to function correctly, the product must be levelled by adjusting the rear foot on the side.

Bike Personal

Bike Personal is a high-end exercise bike with a compact footprint and an elegant design to shape the gym of your dreams in any environment. 

The unique touch of Antonio Citterio’s design meets more than three decades of research in biomechanics. Every ride feels as natural as pedalling on the road, thanks to the human centred design and the reduced distance between the pedals.

All controls are close at hand: change resistance with a single touch, thanks to the smoothness of the stroke. The built-in hand sensors measure your heart rate, so you always get to train at the right pace.

You can also recharge your batteries while you work out. The wireless charger tops up your devices while you train, making you able to charge and check your phone without pausing your workout.

Cross Personal

Cross Personal goes far beyond the concept of elliptical training, thanks to a digitally guided experience and an impeccable design

The digital, connected interface, the carefully designed details and the human-centred design offer you the most immersive training experience, further increased by the surround sound effect.

Play your favourite music from the high-performance Treble Dolby speakers while enjoying the silent movement of the Cross Personal.

Cross Personal operates in a completely smooth and quiet fashion, making for a comfortable, stylish home environment.

With a total body movement, Cross Personal allows you to perform intense cardio training with minimal impact on the joints and perception of fatigue.

Recline Personal

Superior micropolished steel frame, exquisite craftsmanship, refined finish: these are just some of the characteristics of Recline Personal.

Enjoy the most comfortable way of training while adding a touch of style to your interior.

Biomechanics applied to elegant design let you pedal in harmony with your senses and surroundings.

The adjustable ergonomic seat designed by Vitra ensures that you’ll maintain a correct posture and the broad Quick & Easy pedals can be adjusted using simple, intuitive straps. The closure system lets you pedal even more stably and the central handlebar gives better accessibility and an even more comfortable position.

Switch to the next difficulty level with a single tap and use the hand sensors to monitor your heart rate.

The Live 15.6’’  touchscreen lets you control and personalise your workout at any moment. Train at the beat of your favourite music, thanks to the integrated speakers and reach your goals choosing among exciting training programmes and content.

What are you waiting for? Switch your Personal Equipment ON and start enjoying your brand new Personal training experience.

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