Get started with Kinesis
Get started
Find out how to get started with your Kinesis to unravel its full potential.

As it follows you can find all the essential pieces of information to get started with your Kinesis.

Kinesis is the first complete functional gym with hundreds of exercises to challenge your strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. It is a proper functional training at 360 degree.

Place of usage

In order to train safely and securely, the equipment must be installed and operated in a space that meets the following requirements:

  • Temperature of between +10°C and + 25°C;
  • At least 2 meters of free space in front of the equipment, for correct and safe performance of the exercises.
  • On a flat, stable and vibration-free surface that is capable of supporting the weight of both the product and the user.
  • Next to a wall where it can be easily and safely plugged in and unplugged.


To preserve the equipment design it is highly recommended to clean its exterior once a week using a damp sponge. Please take note not to use solvents and detergents of any type. Then to dry the panel use a microfiber.

Get started with your training experience

First of all, to get started with your training experience you just need to turn it from the relax mode to the active mode, by bringing the main handles out.

(Once you have done it, to take it back to the relax mode, you just need to press on the foot lever that allows you to push it back into its relax mode).

There are several features that make Kinesis so unique, as it follows a general overview so that you can get the best out of it: 

  • The oak bars: are perfect to stretch and mobilize before the training experience in order to maximize your workout efficiency.

  • The resistance display system: which is placed in the center of Kinesis and which allows you to set seamlessly up to 20 resistance levels, perfect for any level.

  • The three optional handle positions: which, according to the training program you are focusing on, enables you to choose among the lower one, the lateral handle or the upper one. This feature has been intentionally designed to take your workout experience to an extreme personalization level so that you can adapt the intensity from different angle positions.

  • The cable length: which can go up to at least two meters allowing you to practice locomotive exercises but also working out sideways so you can fully maximize your training space. 

Last, but not least, one of the main innovations of Kines is the FullGravity System: a cutting edge technology which enables you to exercise single muscle and entire muscle groups, providing the 360 degree set resistance level in all different angles and planes of movement.

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