Get assisted by Siri during your workout
Maximize your workout experience with Siri voice assistant shortcuts.

Technogym Live App gives you the unique opportunity to deliver vocal commands to your equipment using Siri (this feature is available for iOS iPad only).

Siri shortcuts have been made available for the entire range of Home Line products. So whether you own a MyRun, a Technogym Elliptical or a Technogym Cycle, you'll be able to change your workout settings directly through your voice.

Below, you'll find a list of the several voice commands available to you:

  • Pause equipment: this command lets you pause your equipment during the workout;
  • Restart equipment: this command lets you resume your equipment after pausing it during the workout;
  • Stop equipment: this command lets you end the workout on your equipment;
  • Set speed: this command lets you set the speed of your equipment to your liking (available only for MyRun);
  • Set incline: this command lets you set the inclination of your equipment to your liking (available only for MyRun);
  • Increase level: this command lets you increase the difficulty level of your workout;
  • Decrease level: this command lets you decrease the difficulty level of your workout;
  • Heart Rate: this command lets you view the list of cardio devices.

Please note that the language used by Siri will conform to the language set in the settings of your iPad. If you wish to modify the language, just go to the homepage of the tablet, access “Settings”, identify the section "Siri & Search" and then change the "Language".

How it works: setting a voice command

Gaining access to Siri's reserved shortcuts panel is very simple, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter in Technogym Live main interface;
  2. Press on "Settings" at the bottom left (the button with the gear-shaped icon);
  3. From the "General" panel, find the voice "Siri Shortcuts";
  4. Tap on “Siri Shortcuts”. You'll see the opening of a new window containing the various vocal commands.

This screen allows you to see in a very intuitive way an overview of all the commands you have available, which initially will be all disabled.

On the left hand side, in white, there are the titles of the various voice shortcuts.

Under each title you'll notice smaller gray writings (close to a little microphone icon) that correspond to the exact words you need to pronounce in order to activate a specific command.

These sentences will also be responsible for notifying you whether the related shortcut is active or not.

If it is active, then the corresponding text will be blue. On the other hand, if the command is inactive, and is therefore yet to be added, then the corresponding writing will have a grayish tone.

Keep in mind that initially, Siri's voice shortcuts will all be disabled.

Enabling or Editing a command

If you wish to enable or modify a certain command, you will have to follow a specific procedure which mainly refers to the right hand part of the Siri Shortcuts panel:

  1. Identify the command you want to enable or modify;
  2. Press on the command's corresponding box with the voice "Add to Siri". You will see a new pop up window appearing;
  3. Within the window, insert the new quick command you wish to associate. You can enter it either manually, by pressing on the shortcut title and typing the terms from your iPad keyboard, or directly by voice, by selecting "Change Voice Phrase" and saying the new keywords.

If you followed all of these steps correctly, your command should be now perfectly enabled/modified, and the previous wording on the Add to Siri box should now be changed to "Added to Siri".

Remember that for each Siri shortcut, you can set the voice command you prefer!

Also, keep in mind that if you want to know more information about a specific shortcut, alongside the boxes you can find some buttons with the "I" shaped icon. By pressing one of them, you'll get a little pop up window that will give you a more accurate explanation.

Removing a command

If you wish to remove a voice command, you will have to select the box "Added to Siri" and press on the blue writing "Remove Shortcut" (the one under the button “Done”). The shortcut will go back to being inactive as it was at the beginning.

Now you should have all the information you need in order to maximize your training experience! To use any of the voice commands, always remember to say "Hey Siri!" at the beginning of the sentence (to take advantage of Siri's voice shortcuts, your iPad must have iOS 14 or higher).

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