External device connections to Technogym Ride
Learn how to connect your computer, smartphone, tablet or your Garmin devices to your Technogym Ride.

As it follows you can learn step by step how to connect your external devices to your Technogym Ride, including computers, smartphones, tablets and Garmin devices.

With Technogym Ride, your devices can interact with your equipment with two different purposes:

  • You can record the workout data you've done on Technogym Ride directly to your devices, specifically your Cycling power and Speed and Cadence parameters;
    (for example, you can do this with Garmin devices);

  • Or, using the third-party app of your preference, you can start a workout from your app; and then your Technogym Ride will be automatically controlled by your app; (for example, you can do it by starting a workout on Zwift directly from your phone).

Once you have identified the specific function of your device, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Sign into Technogym Live;
  2. Identify and press the icon with the Bluetooth symbol, located at the bottom right;
  3. At the bottom of the new panel that appears you will notice two items to choose from, related to the function that your device will have:

    -Read from Sensor: Option dedicated to sending data from Technogym Ride to your devices;
    -Control from App or Devices: Option dedicated to automatically set your workout on Technogym Ride from the specific biking app installed on your device.

Keep in mind that these two different functions will connect differently based on the type of connection your devices support, which can be via Bluetooth Low Energy or via Ant+.

(To find out what type of connection your products use, check the instructions provided at the time of purchase).

Next, depending on the function of your device and on what wireless technology it has, you can connect it to your Technogym Ride. As it follows you will be shown more in detail the two options available.

Option: Read from Sensor

Once you select the "Read from the sensor" option, you will be shown a specific overview to connect your device either via Bluetooth or via Ant+.

  • The upper part of the panel refers to the device connection via Bluetooth, here how it works:

    Initially, you will notice a flashing bar indicating that your Ride is currently visible and it is free, waiting for a device placed nearby with the Bluetooth function active to connect to.
    After making sure that your device's Bluetooth is active:
    Log in to your computer app or application and on your display locate and press on the identifying name of your Technogym Ride (which is the same name shown on the panel, next to the specific Bluetooth icon).
    Then, you will be sure that your device is actually connected when the top bar stops flashing and the panel turns into blue. 
    Additionally, blue ticks will appear next to the "Cycling power" and "Speed and Cadence" items.

    Keep in mind that "Cycling power" and "Speed and Cadence" are the parameters that your Technogym Ride can transmit to your device so that it can save them.

  • The bottom panel, on the other hand, is dedicated to the connection of your device via ANT+:

    As soon as you get into this new screen, you can notice that the corresponding blue panel is already lit up. 
    This means that your Technogym Ride is immediately visible and it is already emitting data, ready to be intercepted by any device that supports Ant+ Technology (for example, a Garmin device).
    In this case, identify and select on the display of the device you want to connect the unique identification number referred to your Technogym Ride (this time, you can find it located next to the items "Cycling Power" and "Speed and Cadence").

    Even considering Ant+ type of connections, "Cycling Power" and "Speed and Cadence" are the types of information and data that can be transmitted and saved on your device.

Option: Control from App or Devices 

Once you have selected the option "Control from App or Devices", you will also be shown a specific panel in which you can connect your device either via Bluetooth or via Ant+.

The interface is structured in a similar way to the one previously illustrated, but it also has a few minor variations.

Going into more detail:

  • the upper part of the panel refers to the Bluetooth connection of your device:

    Also in this case you will notice a flashing bar that will indicate that your Ride is currently visible and it is free, always waiting for a device placed in the vicinity with the active Bluetooth function to connect to.
    However, you will see that under the "Bluetooth" item there will be a temporary "App/Devices not connected".
    Once you have activated the Bluetooth on the device you want to connect, go to your App and press on the specific Bluetooth icon.
    Next, identify and press on your display the identification name of your Technogym Ride, the same you can see on the panel, located this time, directly under the item "Bluetooth".
    Once you have done it, to make sure that your device is connected, the panel with the Bluetooth writing will turn blue, plus it will also have the wording "App/Devices connected".
    In addition, a blue confirmation check mark will also appear next to the name identifying your Technogym Ride. After following these steps, your workout on Technogym Ride will be exclusively played by your App. 

  • The bottom panel always refers to your device connection via Ant+:

    This time, the specific part of the panel labeled "Ant+" is not immediately illuminated, as it will only light up when your Technogym Ride is actually connected to your device.
    Next, in order to connect your device, select the ID with the identification number of your Technogym Ride on the display of your device (the same ID that you can see within the specific section dedicated to Ant+).

    Finally, only when the connection is actually established, the panel will turn into blue and you will be able to read "App/Devices connected".
    In this way, you will be notified that your Technogym Ride is ready to start the workout set on your device. 

However, keep in mind that you can only connect your device as illustrated above if you are not practising any other workout on Technogym Ride, otherwise a small disclaimer will appear inviting you to stop the workout in order to proceed with the connection process.

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