Execute your TrainingPeaks workouts on MyRun
Improve your performance with the integration of TrainingPeaks running workouts on MyRun.

Reach you goals and improve your performance with MyRun TrainingPeaks!

The real secret to excelling in endurance training lies in a mix of two essential factors: great athletic and mental preparation, and an extremely detailed planning - like a true professional.

TrainingPeaks is an online platform whose purpose is to ensure that every endurance athlete arrives perfectly prepared for the race day, whether they are on their own, or assisted by a professional trainer.

MyRun is the first ever treadmill designed by Technogym with complete integration with TrainingPeaks running workouts. With the help of Technogym Live App for your tablet, it’s now possible to automatically replicate the speed of all the steps from your daily workout from TrainingPeaks*.

Once completed, structured results will also be uploaded to Training Peaks to be revisable from you and your trainer.

Find more about this amazing feature by following these simple steps:

  1. Access Technogym Live App's Interface (Technogym Live App is available for both iOS and Android systems);
  2. Head to the “Settings” section. You can do this by pressing on the gear-shaped icon present at the bottom left of the interface.
  3. Within Settings, go to the “Connections” panel. You will find yourself into a new screen dedicated to third party apps.
  4. Select the TrainingPeaks box, then press the plus button icon next to it;
  5. A TrainingPeaks webpage will automatically load. You will be asked to sign-up or to log-in with your credentials and link your Technogym and TrainingPeaks accounts. From now on, the two platforms will share workouts and results.

You'll now see that the plus button has turned into a little cloud: this means that your TrainingPeaks account has been successfully synchronized to your MyRun. 

(This procedure only needs to be followed once because from now on, your TrainingPeaks account will always be perfectly synchronized to your MyRun).

* Please note that workouts based on RPE (Rating of Perceived Exertion) and %FTP (Functional Threshold Power) are not compatible with MyRun yet.

But now that it is all set up, how does it really work?

During the day when your TrainingPeaks program includes a running session*, a blue button will appear on the bottom right corner of the Technogym Live App main interface.

Press it and you will see an overview of all the data of your workout you are about to begin.

Then, press "START": in this way, your MyRun will automatically reproduce the prescribed pace.

At the end of the workout, all structured data will be automatically saved and exported to your TrainingPeaks profile, allowing you (or your TrainingPeaks trainer) to accurately review your performance.

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