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Technogym Live is the revolutionary console made by Technogym designed to let you experience wellness wherever you are.

Technogym Live is the new digital user interface created with the ultimate goal of helping people stay healthy and fit. 

With Technogym Live, you'll have access to highly engaging and interacting content, that will motivate you wherever you are: at home, at the gym, at the hotel or at work. 

Let our top trainers guide you through a vast library of on-demand content, including:

  • Technogym Sessions, intensive training classes in which our best trainers will be at your direct disposal;
  • Technogym Routines, specific workout formats designed to help you achieve targeted goals by stressing specific muscle groups;
  • Outdoors, highly immersive virtual trails that will have you exploring some of the world's most iconic and exotic destinations;
  • Technogym Coach, the first very example on the market of an artificial intelligence directly applied to fitness.

    The Coach works like an authentic digital trainer, being able to assign you your own Precision Program, spurring and motivating you throughout your workouts (if you want to know more about the Coach and the Precision Program, feel free to check this article!)

In addition, this extraordinary console can offer you a lot of entertaining possibilities, such as TV channels, social media and many applications ranging from games to the latest news of the day.

Technogym Live is the natural continuation of the "Wellness On The Go" philosophy expressed by the company back in 2012: an innovative and highly specialized console that integrates with the entire seamless digital ecosystem made by Technogym, consisting of smart equipment, applications and mywellness cloud.

Technogym Live is the ultimate solution to meet the needs of all our users, whether you train at home using our your own equipment (through the Technogym Live App downloadable from your tablet), or you train in the gym or in the best hotels, where Technogym Live will be integrated with the most up-to-date premium equipment.

To download Technogym Live App, press here for the iOS version, or here for Android.

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