Custom exercises on MyRun
Set every single detail of your workout to maximize your performance and achieve superior results faster.

Within the Custom section of Technogym Live App, you have the opportunity to customize every aspect of your workout, starting from setting your own training parameters to following a program oriented toward a specific goal.

In fact, the main characteristic of this area is to include all of the classical Task Domain programs present on the the sport field, like:

  • Goal Driven Programs;
  • Heart Rate Driven Programs;
  • Profiles or Pre-set Training Profiles.

All of these program are divided and classified under 3 important macro categories, each geared towards the purpose you are trying to achieve:

  1. Lose Weight
  2. Keep Fit
  3. Boost Cardio

Please note that some programs can refer to more than one single goal, so they may be found in multiple categories.

Below, you'll find a detailed explanation of the many training programs lying within the Custom Section, starting from the Goal Driven Programs.

Moreover, if you need information about the Create your Own program, a separate article has been entirely dedicated to it, to provide you with the most accurate explanation possible.

Goal Driven Programs

(The programs are present in each category)

These programs are the most immediate because they can be started only setting one parameter to keep under control. You can choose among the total duration, in terms of time, calories to be burned or distance to cover.

After selecting one of the 3 goal driven programs, all you need to do is to enter the value of the parameter you have chosen (you can do this by pressing the "+" and "-" keys or by swiping your finger along the slide bar), then select the blue vertical bar on the right to start the workout.

(Keep in mind that there is a maximum threshold for each of the parameters, which will be: 120 minutes for the time, 1000kcal for the calories and 42,2 kms for the distance).

CPR HR Driven Program

(Program present in each category)

This program is a training mode specially designed by Technogym in which the HR (heart rate) guides the level of effort, speed or incline, and it's carefully developed to increase your aerobic endurance, resulting in better performance.

These parameters will be continuously reprocessed in an automatic way to ensure that your HR remains constant throughout the whole duration of your workout.


Before hitting your training, however, it is necessary to manually insert some parameters, such as the general goal you want to achieve, the time you want to dedicate to the workout, the preferred mode (running or walking) and lastly, the HR you want to stay at (identified on a window ranging from 50% to 100% of your maximal heart rate).

The choice will mostly depend on your fitness level and goal.

Your MyRun will make sure that throughout the entire exercise your HR remains perfectly in line with the level you selected.

The level will then determine the type of training you will do.

We have included an example of the objective you are going to hit according to the frequency chosen:

  • Get moving - HR between 50% and 60% (98-118  beats/min)
  • Fat burning - HR between 60% and 70% (119-137 beats/min)
  • Improve stamina - HR between 70% and 80% (138- 156 beats/min)
  • Boost performance - HR between 80% and 90% (157-176 beats/min)
  • Maximize sprint - HR between 90% and 100% (177-196 beats/min)

Please note that in case your equipment is no longer able to detect your heartbeat anymore (due to sweat, temporary disconnection or device discharges), you will receive an immediate push notification and after 30 seconds the workout will switch to free mode (so that with the joysticks you will be free to change the speed and inclination of your equipment).

Weight Loss

(Program present in the Lose Weight category)

Weight Loss is a program specifically designed to help you staying in shape, and will adapt each time to your current fitness level, for constant and effective improvement.

To determine your starting fitness level, you will be provided a short 3 minute CPR processing stage, then you will be recommended the appropriate heart rate at which you will achieve maximum calorie consumption, based on the duration and mode of your workout.

The more your fitness level increases, the more will increase the difficulty or duration of the exercise, to ensure that you are constantly challenged in a proper way.

Training zone

(Program present in each category)

Training Zone is the latest program designed by Technogym oriented towards heart rate.

After entering the duration and the mode in which you want to perform the exercise (whether running or walking), you can choose between three different levels of intensity:

  • Light: the exercise must be done at 65% of your maximum HR;
  • Moderate: requires you to perform at 65% + 10 beats per minute;
  • Hard: 65% + 20 beats per minute.

Again, the choice of intensity level depends on your fitness level and time at your disposal. Consistent exercise with this training format will allow you to improve your overall fitness and decrease the plateau effect.

Hills Intervals

(Program present in the Lose Weight category)

This type of exercise uses a form of variable speed that mimics the flow of a wave.

With this profile your equipment increases the intensity through various automatic micro-corrections that will allow you to burn more calories, without perceiving the increase in effort.

Speed Shift

(Program present in the Keep Fit and Boost Cardio categories)

Training mode to use if you want to quickly switch from one speed level to another.

With a simple touch, you can swap between four available speeds, two of which are preset at 6.0 and 8.0 speed the first time you get in (you can still change them like the other two through the handy sliding bar placed under the values)

Start training performing rapid sequential sprints using the Speed Shift program!

Hi-Low Blocks

(Program present in the Lose Weight and Keep Fit categories)

Hi-Low Blocks is a program in which sprint and recovery phases are alternated through automatic variations of intensity peaks. 

Before starting the workout, you must indicate the difficulty level at which you want to run (you can do this via the "+" and "-" keys or directly by swiping along the slide bar). 

Levels from 1 to 8 are considered appropriate for beginners, 9 to 18 are suitable for intermediates, and the difficulty between 19 and 25 is the best scenario for the most advanced users.

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