Family Account on Technogym Bike and Technogym Ride
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Create your Family Account on Technogym Bike and Technogym Ride: share and have fun with your family.

Did you know that with your Technogym Bike and  Technogym Ride each member of your family can have a unique training experience?
You can create your Family Account and then register up to 6 users, each of them will have the opportunity to train in a personalised way.

How to create your Family Account

The first time you turn your equipment on, you will be asked to create a new Technogym ID or to log in with the same credentials of the Technogym ID you have previously created (check here for more information about Technogym ID).

Therefore, the first Technogym ID which will be registered or logged in will be considered as the profile administrator of your Family Account.

Then, in order to add the other members of your Family you have two options:

  • From the Welcome Page you just need to click the "+" button and follow the instructions to log in an existing user or create a new one;

  • From an user's homepage:

  1. Press the "Settings" button on the bottom left;
  2. Go to the "Family" section and scroll down until you find "Manage account";
  3. Select the "Add new" button.
  4. Type your access credentials or scan the QR Code with Technogym App

Differences between the administrator and the other members

The administrator is the first Technogym ID you have created or logged in on your Technogym Bike or Technogym Ride the first time you turned it on. All the other personal profiles, which have been registered afterwards, are designated as members of your Family Account.

Each family member will be able to choose a personalised training experience according to the administrator's active subscriptions.

In fact, the active subscription options of the administrator will always be automatically transferred to all the other Technogym Bike / Ride members.


  • If the administrator has a Technogym Plus Membership, each member can have the possibility to add an extra subscription plan (Technogym Unlimited) linked exclusively to her/his personal account, fully enhancing the workout experience; 
  • If, on the other hand, the administrator already has the comprehensive Technogym Unlimited Membership, then all the Family Account members can automatically access to the ultimate Technogym training experience. 

(For more information about Technogym Plus Membership and Technogym Unlimited Membership on your equipment check the dedicated pages Technogym Bike and Technogym Ride).

How to change administrator

In order to change the administrator of your Family Account, you have to completely reset your Family Account.

  1. Press for the setting button on the bottom left corner of your Technogym Live interface;
  2. Tap Family Account from the list on the left;
  3. Scroll down and tap "New configuration Family Account".

From now on, the first Technogym ID you will insert will be considered your new administrator profile.

Remember that with this procedure also the other members of your Family Account have been permanently removed, therefore, you will have to add them again.

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