Connect your heart rate monitor to Skillbike
Find out step by step how to connect your heart rate monitor to Skillbike.

Before starting your training session with Skillbike, you can connect your heart rate monitor to your smart equipment to keep track of your performance.

To connect your heart rate monitor (via Bluetooth or via  Ant+ technology) follow these steps:

  1. Access to your Skillbike’s display;
  2. Identify and press the icon with the heart-shaped symbol located on top right-hand corner;
  3. You will be shown a box informing that by connecting your heart rate monitor via Bluetooth, the Bluetooth login function will no longer be available.
  4. Then press "OK" to access to the search pane of your device;
  5. Identify the name of your device and select it.
  6. Then, you can be sure that your device is correctly connected when you can see the green icon and "device connected".

(Please note that you can disconnect your device from your smart equipment from the same section by pressing "disconnect").

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