Connect earphones and heart rate monitors to Technogym Ride
Learn step by step how to connect your devices to Technogym Ride: your heart rate monitor, Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch and your earphones or AirPods.

Before starting your workout session with Technogym Ride, you can have the opportunity to connect different devices at your disposal thanks to the latest wireless technologies available on your smart equipment.

Connect earphones and heart rate monitors

To connect both your earphones and your heart rate monitor (via Bluetooth and via Ant+ technology), follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to Technogym Live;
  2. Identify and press the icon with the Bluetooth symbol, located at the bottom right;
  3. In the new panel that appears, select the heart-shaped icon or the one with the headset, depending on the device you want to connect;
  4. Next, identify the name of your device on the panel and select it.

(Please, note you have to dissociate the Airpods from your Iphone in order to connect them correctly)

Now, your device is correctly connected, but to be further sure you can check that the corresponding icon on the upper right corner, next to your personal profile, is "active".

Connecting Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch

In case you want to connect your Apple Watch or your Samsung Galaxy Watch to Technogym Ride, you can do it via the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

  • Specifically, to connect your Apple Watch:

  1. Get your Apple Watch close to the black panel with represented the NFC icon on it (the one with the white shape);
  2. Then, you will hear a soft beeping sound followed by a small vibration coming from your Apple Watch which will say:  "Connect?";
  3. Press "OK" and immediately afterwards you will read "Start the indoor bike".

    Now your Apple Watch is properly connected: in order to verify it, you can notice that next to the Bluetooth symbol at the bottom right of your interface, there will be a green  infinity-shaped icon.
    Finally, to see the beats in real time, you just have to start any indoor cycling workout on your Technogym Ride.

  • Instead, in order to connect your Samsung Galaxy Watch, as a first step, remember to enable the NFC function directly from your smartwatch’s settings.
    Next, to connect your smartwatch:

  1. Get your Samsung Galaxy Watch close to the black panel with the NFC icon (the one with the white shape);
  2. Next, you'll hear a soft beeping sound followed by a small vibration on your Samsung Galaxy Watch;
  3. Before proceeding, a disclaimer will appear asking you to accept tracking of all the features and privacy information;
  4. Finally, after accepting, you'll be able to read "connecting..." which will turn into "It's time to get started!" as soon as your device is properly connected. 

Now you can start your indoor cycling and you will be able to see in real time your beats.

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