Connect Apple Watch to Technogym Bike
Learn how to connect your Apple Watch to your Technogym Bike to constantly monitor your performance.

As it follows you can find out how to connect your Apple Watch to Technogym Bike.

Make sure to follow these simple steps:

  1. Get your Apple Watch close to the black panel with represented the NFC icon on it (the one with the white shape);
  2. Then, you will hear a soft beeping sound followed by a small vibration coming from your Apple Watch which will display:  "Connect?"
  1. Press "OK" and immediately afterwards you will read "Start the indoor bike".

Now your Apple Watch is properly connected: in order to verify it, you can notice that next to the Bluetooth symbol at the bottom right of your interface, there will be a green  infinity-shaped icon.

Finally, to see your heart rate on your Apple Watch in real time, you just have to start any indoor cycling workout on your Technogym Bike.  Now, all set... you are ready to go!

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