Bluetooth connections to Technogym Live
Sync your earphones, your AirPods and the most common training monitoring platforms on the market to your Technogym Live equipment.

Technogym Live Interface gives you the unique opportunity to synchronize your earphones or AirPods and some of the most widely used HR monitoring platforms to your equipment.

Just follow these few simple steps:

  1. Log into Technogym Live interface;
  2. Identify and press the icon with the Bluetooth symbol, located at the bottom right;
  3. Choose among earphones devices (headphones symbol) or heart rate devices (heart icon) from the top bar of the new panel
  4. Identify the name of your device and select it.

(Please, note you have to dissociate the Airpods from your Iphone in order to connect them correctly)

Have you followed all the steps but you want to be sure that your device is correctly connected?

Look at the corresponding icon on the top right corner, next to your personal profile, and check that it is “active”.

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