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Discover how to correctly set all the parameters of your Skillbike in order to maintain a correct position during your cycling experience.

Discover how to correctly set all the parameters of your Skillbike to take your cycling experience to the next level.

Skillbike can satisfy even the most demanding cyclist: you'll be able to adjust all of its settings to ensure that your cycling experience is completely in line with your needs.  

In case  you already have a personalised technical sheet with your own bike fitting measurements, you'll be able to set it appropriately.

If, on the other hand, you don’t have it, you'll be able to find the best bike fitting according to your personal physiognomy, with the most common bike fitting practices. 

In detail, you can set:

  • The height of the saddle: can be adjusted by directly pressing the yellow marker under the saddle, and pulling it down or up at your own convenience.

    In order to correctly identify the height of your saddle, among the different methods, you can verify it by positioning the saddle at the height of your hip.
    Then, once you are on the saddle, place the pedal crank perfectly in line with the seat tube and place your heel on the pedal.
    In this position, your leg should be fully extended and should be able to touch the pedal with your foot, in a natural way.

  • The horizontal position of the saddle: can be adjusted by sliding the saddle forward or backward after unlocking it with the yellow marker.

    In this case, to find an optimal position, once on the bike, place the crank of the pedal horizontally, parallel to the ground. Next, place a plumb line at knee height and verify that its extension falls perfectly in line with the point in which the crank meets the pedal.

  • Handlebar height: it can be adjusted by raising or lowering it, after unlocking it with the lever located in front of your Skillbike.

    The height of the handlebar is a very subjective parameter to be defined:
    it is advisable to find the ideal height difference between the saddle and the handlebar which guarantees a balanced distribution of your weight, but which mostly ensures a maximum feeling of comfort even during a longer cycling experience.

Overcome your limits with Skillbike: whether you want to train on a certain distance or gradient. Improving your performance will be just a matter of time. 

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