Aquafeel and Multidrive Technology on Skillrow
Want to know more about Skillrow's unique technology?

Read below to discover how Skillrow is the first indoor rower able to give you the best, most realistic and complete rowing training experience.


Equipped with Aquafeel Technology, Skillrow is the first rower specifically designed to create a smooth and fluid stroke profile, a powerful acceleration and a really strong rhythm throughout the entire movement, creating a realistic simulation of the rowing experience in the water.

This technology also enables you to load the rowing stroke gradually and fluidly along the entire arc of movement, without kickbacks on the lower back, therefore making you able to avoid injuries and train safely throughout your whole workout.

So, whether you’re a rowing athlete or simply someone who'd like to enter this sport for the first time, with Skillrow you can actually live the feeling of rowing in the water and increase your power, while engaging the whole body.

Multidrive Technology

Unlike other sports, rowing is a low impact workout, which gives you the benefits of cardio training, without the stress on the joints that comes with running.

This makes it accessible to almost any age and a great cardiovascular efficiency and total body workout.

Moreover, thanks to its Multidrive Technogym Technology, Skillrow enables you to train both cardio and power, with a total body movement, which is able to engage 84% of the muscles in your body and all the major muscle groups.

This makes the Skillrow the only product capable of improving anaerobic power, aerobic capacity and simultaneous neuromuscular functions.

The magnetic brake, introduced in support of primary resistance, in fact, allows users to integrate the complete training work of rowing with strengthening exercises for specific muscle areas.

This gives you the ability to choose the amount of resistance you prefer and to develop power, strength and endurance within the same movement.

The resistance turn dial, placed under the handlebar, at seat level, in fact, offers 10 resistance levels, which enables you to choose between two workout modes:

  • Rowing mode: which makes you able to increase your heart rate, improving your cardiovascular efficiency. 
    This mode is primarily based on the suction of a certain amount of air inside a fan, in order to convert it into a specific resistance to the rowing stroke.
  • Power mode: adding resistance to your workout through magnetic resistance in addition to the air resistance used in the rowing mode, it’s specifically designed to overload the rowing stroke, turning it from a rowing exercise to a strength and conditioning workout.
    This enables you to perform a functional pulling movement and perform power-focused exercises, engaging your posterior chain and your whole body muscles in the movement.

This gives you the ability to choose from different types of workouts, from the power stroke repetitions, to the training of the rhythm and aerobic capacity, to the seamless switch from one mode to another, alternating repetition and strength focused workout to maximum pace cardio training.

To further discover all the possible ways to train with Skillrow and further maximize your workout experience, find programs created by experts and athletes and participate in challenges with other members of the Skill-rowing community downloading the Skillrow App, available for both android and iOS.

Connecting the Skillrow app on your device to the Skillrow, you’ll be also able to save your data and get real-time feedback on your rowing performance throughout the whole workout.

Place it in the integrated phone holder, above the Skillrow console, and start tracking your rowing performance.

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